Zenmed Derma Cleanse

4/5 Overall
4/5 Acne Treatment Power
4/5 Ingredients Quality
5/5 Company Service
4/5 Long Term Results
Price: $79.97 60 Days Guaranty

Zenmed Derma Cleanse Reviews

It’s natural to want to improve your skin and yet it’s not always easy especially if you have acne. The good news is, with the right product system (such as Zenmed) and its proper and regular application and use, smooth, healthy skin is achievable. Zenmed acne care system is 100% money-back guaranteed all-rounder acne treatment which consists of recommended doctor-based formulas and time-tested botanicals. Zenmed (unlike other typical treatments) has been specifically designed to treat body acne and not just facial acne. As a result, you get the maximum results at the minimum costs and within days of therapy.



What does Zenmed contain?

Zenmed is a unique combination of both herbal as well as synthetic prescription-grade nutrients that have been long-used for the successful treatment and prevention of acne. These include:

Herbal Ingredients

Wild Thyme, Horsetail, Sage, Coltsfoot, Yarrow, Balm Mint, Chamomile, Rosemary, Althea, Wild Thyme, Horsetail, Cucumber in Purified Water, Essential Oils of Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Tangerine, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Sea Kelp and some other acne-specific herbs. These all natural Ingredients ensure you are free from any complication or side effects even after continuous usage

Prescription-grade Ingredients

2% Salicylic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, Menthol, Methyl & Propyl Paraben, Pro-Vitamin B5, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium PCA, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin and Vitamins A, E, & D3. These synthetic Ingredients ensure that you don’t miss the speed and effectiveness of a regular doctor’s prescription and enjoy rapid healing.


How does Zenmed act?

All of the Zenmed acne care products have a powerful anti-acne action that targets the root “cause” (internally) and the “effect” (externally) to reduce redness, pimples and lesions and prevent any additional breakouts. Zenmed removes the excess oil and bacteria that causes body acne without using the artificial colors or fragrance that irritate skin. It is basically done through a simple two-step process that treats all steps of the notorious acne cycle:

1-Prevention of pimple formation

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids present in all of the Zenmed products prevent dead skin build-up from happening in the first place, hence preventing pimple formation and also clearing the existing pimples faster.

2- Healing of existing lesions

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids reduce redness and remove scars, also healing any discoloration or damage.


What are the components (steps) of Zenmed system?

The basic Zenmed acne system consists of two sets of components i.e.

1-Acne treatment kits

There are four types of kits to choose from based on your skin type and needs:

Derma Cleanse System

It works both internally and externally to help you clear your skin the natural way.

 Acne Therapy for Oily Skin

A daily treatment of cleansing, high-potency Glycolic and Salicylic acids, and moisturizing are punctuated with a mineral-heavy clay purifier

Acne Therapy for Dry/Mature Skin

It treats and prevents clogged pores, pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores. Comes with potent triple-acid serum for use once a week to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

 Acne Therapy for Combination Skin

Ideal for adult acne sufferers, it combines a gentle cleanser, exfoliating toner, potent dual-acid Acne treatment and an oil controlling moisturizer.


2-Acne treatment products

There is a wide range of acne treatment products which are also an essential part of the acne treatment kits.

Body Acne Combo

This dual treatment provides exfoliation, cleansing, and control of overactive oil glands especially on the shoulders and back.

Derma Cleanse Capsules

The only “oral” acne treatment product in Zenmed range, it is 100% pure proprietary blend of herbs that help improve elimination and detoxification from within.

 Derma Cleanse® Acne Gel

Composed of three types of acids, this gel combats all phases of the breakout cycle by preventing new Acne formation, healing existing pimples faster, and treating post-Acne discoloration

Botanical Acne Body Wash

A granular scrub-wash by nature, it helps exfoliate dead skin cells to prevent new acne from forming

Botanical Acne Mask

Composed of mineral-heavy clay, this mask purifies and treats problem skin and is perfect for use as a spot treatment at night to dry out pimples.

Sebum Regulating Moisturizer

Basically a lotion, it provides moisture without clogging pores or causing greasiness. Helps Mild, calming formulation is ideal for use after all ZENMED treatments.

AHA/BHA Complex

A strong exfoliation complex, it de-flakes to reveal glowing, fresh skin and helps balance combination skin, allowing for moisturizers to penetrate better

Facial Cleansing Gel

pH balanced, this natural cleanser helps remove surface bacteria, excess oil and makeup

Zenmed – Features versus benefits





1 Extensive range of products Helps you win your battle against all kinds of acne and at all fronts
2 A potent blend of pharmaceutical grade Ingredients and all-natural organic botanicals Covers acne cycle at levels and with full impact i.e. not only treats but also prevents
3 Speedy action You see the results within days with visible reduction of existing acne due to balancing of pH levels of skin.
4 Healing + Cleansing action Your skin will have a refreshed and supple acne-free appearance
5 60-day money back guarantee with 24/7 customer service Peace of mind for regular usage with confidence

The final verdict

The research-based combination of advanced prescription-grade Ingredients and superior cosmeceutical herbal Ingredients in Zenmed targets acne completely, allowing you to get rid of a wide range of skin problems and all types of acne lesions. Zenmed not only stimulates skin circulation and eliminates toxins of acne but also leaves your skin looking refreshed, brighter and more toned. Last but not least, these components also support skin collagen formation, and tissue strength and elasticity which eventually lead to progressive but powerful healing, removal of scars and bad spots from your face, neck and even arms.

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Zenmed Derma Cleanse User Reviews

  1. Gwen B

    Not only did the treatment with Zenmed not work, but they also do not refund your money. They speak of a 60 people pleaser refund, but I had my product returned to them within 45 days and they said they would not refund my money because I did not get it in in time….that makes no sense. I have receipts from the postal services stating that I paid for return postage and returned the item within the specified time period. I have filed a complaint with BBB Canada. Beware of this company!!Report

  2. Overall 1/5 Acne Treatment Power 1/5 Ingredients Quality 1/5 Company Service 1/5 Long Term Results 1/5

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