Introduction And Background

We all have a different kind of skin. Some people are blessed with having the softest skin alive while some are faced with having acne on their skin. In this article, we will mostly be discussing dry skin and all that is concerned with it, including itching. Skin is a very important factor of our life. Even before we know a person, we see a person and their skin is the first thing that comes into contact with our eyes. Of course it does not decide on whether or not the person is good or bad but it does have an impact. Will you like someone with clear and beautiful skin or one whose skin is oily or incredibly scaly?

Dry Skin And The Causes
Dry skin is actually common. It is not the most common of all skin types but it is fairly present in people. There are also types of dry skin. However, the common causes of it are many.

  • Dry skin can be caused by washing the face many a times and not letting it get even a little bit oily, even if naturally.
  • Low temperatures of the environment or even low humidity can also cause dry skin.
  • Sometimes, genetics also has a role to play in dry skin. Dry skin can be inherited which means that your skin does not secrete as much sebum and oil as normal people which can easily lead to its dryness.
  • Medical conditions can also cause dry skin such as some sort of allergy or dermal condition in which the skin can become excessively dry and needs to be moisturized.
  • Using a lot of cleaning material or agents on the skin can also cause dryness.

Why Is Dry Skin Itchy?
Dry skin is itchy because dry skin often feels scaly and irritable. Skin generally needs to be moisturized for it to not feel itchy at all and dry skin is not like that at all. It gets rough too and very patchy which is another reason of why dry skin is itchy. Basically, with the dryness, itching is a major symptom. If you feel that your skin is getting rough and you itch a lot, know that you have dry skin and need to do something about it. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do.

What Can You Do About Dry Skin?
With dry skin, the remedy is fairly easy than the opposite of the case. You need to moisturize your skin in order to keep it from becoming overly dry. There are countless, various moisturizers in the market which can all help in getting the skin to be a perfect combination of dry and oily, in other words a combination skin. You can:

  • Do not wash your face too much. Only wash it when necessary and wait for the natural oils to perform their function on your skin, even if it takes a long time.
  • Buy moisturizers for yourself and keep moisturizing your skin. My mother has been using cold creams and lotions for most of her life because she had dry skin. Now her skin is the perfect combination because she works hard to make it that way.
  • Drink a lot of water. Sometimes your dry skin is because you are not hydrated enough. If you drink water that is sufficient enough, that can be the remedy for your dryness.
  • Do not use a lot of make up. This is also a common cause of dry skin.
  • Do not itch too much, even if it feels like it. It can lead to even more dryness of the skin.

Is Dry Skin Dangerous?
Of course not. Dry skin does not generally lead to acne or any other sort of skin conditions of the similar sort but the problem arises when dry skin starts peeling off. This can look incredibly bad and weird. Before your skin starts to peel off, start to provide the perfect remedy for your dryness. You do not want to itch off your entire skin now, do you?

A Warning…
Even if your skin is dry, do not over moisturise it. Some women have known to do that to their dry skin and it did nothing but block their pores and create a mess. Moisturise your skin but to a limited extent. No need for it to get really oily.

Dry skin might not have that appearance but it can be pretty annoying at times. It can be worse than an oily skin at times because at least with oily skin you do not want to scratch yourself all the time. However, if you have dry skin, you should try the remedies written above and relieve yourself.



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