Introduction And Background

The largest organ of the body is the skin. It is the first thing that we see and often the only thing that we notice. It is so important that no other thing of the human body has so many products available for it as much as the skin does. There are face washes, lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, hand washes, body creams, wrinkle creams, cold creams, soap and dermal creams for skin conditions. In other words, there is possibly everything available for skin care. But the care is not that important right now. First, you should know about the importance of skin. What exactly would happen if we didn’t have it?

Life Without Skin

It would be pretty sad and not to mention pretty ugly. The skin is what gives you beauty because trust me, the inside of your body is really scary. Without the skin, your organs will be visible and probably moving here and there, the blood will come oozing out and the muscles and fascia (a layer) will be the only sight that can be slightly bearable. So yes, we do need the skin because without it, there will be walking bloody zombies around and human beings will cease to look beautiful.

The Purpose Of Skin

We really need the skin, and not only because of the beauty part. It is actually a strong barrier that keeps us healthy. It is the first active immunity that stops bacteria and foreign particles from entering our body. Take, for instance, that we did not have skin. All the bacteria and dirt and what not present in the atmosphere could enter and affect our body anytime they wanted without any hesitation. And it would have been up to the white blood cells in the body to fight against it. With the skin present, this does not happen. Of course, bacteria and foreign particles still enter the body but the skin stops almost ninety percent of them, which is a lot! The skin also has pores that provide oily secretions that lubricate the skin and sweat glands that secrete sweat to lower levels of heat in the body. Without the skin, either the sweat will be evaporating directly into the air or you never know what important substances (such as blood) can evaporate along with it. And the oil will have no pores to secrete through so they will become accumulated in the body unless another way is found to eliminate them.

The Importance Of Taking Care Of The Skin

All kinds of skin products are available. Now that you know the importance of skin and why we require it, you should learn to take care of it as well. However, there is a yet a person to meet who is not concerned about their skin. Almost everyone, at a certain level, is concerned and worried about their skin. And it isn’t that hard. There are only a few things you should learn to do and the rest will be all good.
• Clean it regularly. And this does not mean only once or twice a day. Two times is fine if your skin is not exposed to a lot of sunlight or pollution or really warm conditions. But if it is, then you need to be extra careful in cleaning it because and all the sweat and oil can cause bacteria to accumulate and blackheads are easily formed this way, especially around the nose area.
• Drink a lot of water. It is the strength and glow behind your skin. Notice that people who drink sufficient amount of water every day have a good healthy looking skin while those who do not often show a dry and sallow looking skin.
• Do not wear cosmetics unless really necessary. It is the skin yes and everyone wants to beautify it but it should not be at the cost of ruining it.

Skin Conditions

There are many skin conditions and most of them occur due to poor hygiene. The worst among them is acne, a terrible nightmare for all. Acne leaves scars and spots and even though it can be healed through the proper treatment method, it takes a lot of time. The skin is sensitive and though it can heal, it is a slow process. There are many treatments available for it though, one of them being the natural acne kits that nourish the skin as well with their natural ingredients. Skin conditions are usually treatable but know this, even if the skin does return to normal, it is not a hundred percent normal. So be careful.


The necessity of having skin on your body must be clear to you now. You don’t want all the body parts dangling around in mid air do you? And the colorful objects and the redness of blood is not a pretty sight. Better to have a single layer of a single color protecting our body and giving us something pleasant to look at.


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