Introduction and background

Acne is a skin condition when small bumps appear on skin and sometimes we consider them embarrassing. Being in your teenage or adolescence, when you want to look best, if someone asks, “Hey you are having acnes on you face?” You feel like doing anything to get rid of them. The problem is you are more prone to get acne in your youth. Acne can affect people of all races and of all ages. However, adolescents and young adults are found to have more risk of getting acne. The reason behind this susceptibility may be the hormonal changes that are associated with puberty. The condition of acne vulgaris commonly known as acne is so common in youth and adolescence that it is referred as feature of growing up. Actually, when one enters puberty the level of hormones called androgens increases in both male and female. Level of testosterone increase markedly and thus males are affected more with acne problem. These hormones stimulate the sebaceous gland under skin to produce more oil. The oil glands grow and produce more sebum. Skin bacteria thicken sebum and clog skin pores. The blocked pathway of oil appears on skin as different acne forms like blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and papules. Keep reading this article to know why acne is common in young age and how can you get rid of them.


Factors responsible for Acne

There is no definite cause of acne. Nevertheless, many factors contribute to breakouts. The most important factor known to many is the hormonal disbalance. Young age corresponds to more hormonal changes and so it is not strange to see many young people having acne. Due to hormonal imbalances, body produces more sebum from oil glands. This excessive oil contributes to acne production. Another factor for acne might be the accumulation of toxic waste in the body due to improper functioning of liver. When liver is not functioning properly, it expels waste in the form of acne through skin. Nutrients and vitamin deficiency plays an important role in acne breakouts. Nutritional deficiencies not only affect the efficiency of the waste system in our bodies, but also lower the levels of energy required by the body to fight diseases. Finally yet importantly, genetic and hereditary cannot be ignored as a factor contributing to acne. When there is a tendency in the family then you probably would not escape acne.


Habits that may aggravate acne

Acne is more common in youth because of the hormonal changes. Moreover, other habits and conditions prevail in young age leading to acne generation. Few significant of them are discussed below:

1.) Stress and Anxiety
When acne sufferers were observed closely for the factors, it was found that most of them suffer from depression or other psychological stipulations. Young people tend to get restless quickly causing their hormonal concentrations change unexpectedly. Consequently, more acne turn outs on the chest, neck, face and arms. Mental stress due to any reason also found to exacerbate the acne condition by increasing cortisol and adrenaline concentrations in the body.

2.) Life Style
Yes, a healthy life style is as necessary to get rid of acne as for any other disease. Quality of life is the extent to which you are enjoying and satisfied with your life. Your quality of life defines your skin health too. A good life style that includes physical activity and ingestion of proper nutrients maintains all physiological functions of the body properly. Young people despite being careful for their appearances neglect the daily amount of nutrition they need that is why acne is common in youth.

3.) Unhealthy Food
Young people mostly fill in their stomachs with junk food that lacks nutrients needed by the body and skin to look youthful. Chocolates another favorite adolescent food is a contributor to acne. If you want a smooth acne free skin then get used to the idea of healthy food that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

4.) Get Good Sleep
With proper sleeping routine along with right diet and proper hygiene, you can lessen your breakouts. Remember it is the quality of sleep that matters more than the hours of sleep. Try getting good sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. You will not only feel good as it affects your moods but also can fight back certain medical conditions including acne.



In order to fight back acne, the best remedy around is natural herbal acne treatment kits. In young years, no one would like to take risk of treating acne with antibiotic and causing hormonal imbalance that might lead to other physiological conditions. Natural herbal acne curing kits have least side effects and help maintaining skin by working deep down. In addition, they also provide skin with moisture and essential nutrients that are required to prevent acne.


  1. Ok honestly i waz like you. I tried crap loads of stuff like : Any pdtoucrs with coacoa butter, bio oil, stretch mark oil and dif lotions and to this day still have them but have lightly faded them. So i hav accepted them about 75 percent of the way. Just make sure you dont rapidly gain weight or lose weight in a short period of time again. And whatever u use may not work for someone else, and also be careful about that surgery because i kno people who got it and got the marks back a couple months latr. BUT U ALWAYS HAVE HOPE.


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