Introduction And Background

Some might call it fate, some might call it tough luck but as much as females are conscious of their skin, they are also the chosen gender for being common in getting acne. Acne is quite common in females, more so than in males. If research and data has proven correctly, almost in all ages females rank higher in getting acne than males. Teenage boys too, who have been known to be way less hygienic than teenage girls, have a lesser ratio of getting acne than girls their age. Why is this so? What is the reason behind acne being so common in females? Continue to enhance your knowledge.

Why Acne Is Common In Females?
Why don’t we get right to the point and discuss the points of why exactly acne is common in females. A few reasons are given below which might clear the air a little of how and why females are the chosen species for this skin condition. Or could it be that acne likes females better? Just kidding!

  • Girls usually go through a lot of trauma during their high school years, more than boys. Their pubertal changes are also on the extreme level and their hormonal changes are also there. The emotional changes they face through all of that also affect their skin. It releases sebum on to their skin all of a sudden and it can lead to clogged pores which can easily lead to the rise of pimples which leads to acne. Boys also go through changes but few of them have to deal with the likes of acne. They are not few in number but in comparison with the acne rate of the girls, they are fewer.
  • Females usually have lighter, thinner and softer skin than males. Though this is an ideal thing on their part as soft skin and all the above mentioned are considered to be good but if acne is to be considered than not so good. All of this means that female skin is more sensitive than a man’s and it is more prone to getting riddled with pimples and developing acne than a man’s skin. A man’s skin is generally tougher and thicker and that is a form of protection against any such skin condition on their part.
  • Pregnant women also get acne. Their hormonal changes are also rapid in their pregnancy period and this also leads to acne many a times as a side effect of the entire pregnancy. Now, we don’t see males getting acne while their expecting a baby now, do we? This also leads to more number of women getting acne than men.
  • Women might pay more attention to men than hygiene but they ruin their skin by using beauty products. Cosmetics and make-up have practically ruined the skin of women but they still use it. This is another leading cause of acne in women. Cosmetics can easily lead to blocked pores. Clogged and blocked pores, we all know, causes acne. Males do not use cosmetics, at least the ones who are not in the television or media industry. Thus, they have saved themselves from being in the higher ratio of getting acne!

The Cure Of Acne…Does It Exist?
Many people believe that acne cannot be cured. They think that acne which has once struck the skin have left its mark forever. The honest truth is that the scarring of acne is a terrible thing to have and can take a lot of months, even years to cure but it is curable. To think that it isn’t is wrong. Our skin keeps regenerating and new skin cells are formed. If we are able to do the right thing by our skin and choose a treatment process which can help us get rid of all the pimples on our body, we can get rid of acne. No lies here, it will take time and patience and most people stop midway because they don’t see any difference occurring in their skin. However, no one should do that. Healing the skin takes time but it does heal. Hence, the cure of acne very much exists and there are various cures available. All you have to do is figure out which one suits you and your skin the best!

Females shouldn’t be sad after reading this article, rather they should take better care of their skin. If one reads the above points carefully, they can see that some of the things mentioned are under a female’s control. For instance, if they do not put on cosmetics and even if they do, they can put on light amounts and wash it off after a short while to save themselves from the misery of having to deal with acne. Won’t that be a blessing?


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