Actually, most of us: During the period of adolescence, after it and in between ages 25-45, in oily and also “normal” skin … sometimes the pimples at a later age are more severe than ever. There are those who will suffer just from stubborn comedos, and there are those who will try every possible treatment and in spite of that, all the pimples will outbursts again.

The main factor for all these scenarios are the hormones, since they effect the production of fat in the skin, and since their level changes and fluctuate throughout their lives.

The outbursts are common and at the age of adolescence. Statistics show that three out of four adolescent suffer from pimples and different type of acne. It isn’t surprising when taking into consideration the hormonal changes at this age. But acne can happen at every age. More than 40% of women will experience one type of acne or another. Everything that can bring up the hormones level – stress, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, contraceptive pills or specific medications such as corticosteroids, lithium – that can be used as a catalyst. Food isn’t the main cause for pimples, but certain people can be allergic to specific type of food. There is also an assumption that food with hormonal additives (particularly chicken and beef), Iodine found in food (sea food) or Polaroid found in toothpaste can worsen pimples. There is no doubt that hormonal activity is the main factor for causing oily skin and acne outbursts. When there is a flow of hormones, pimples break out, but hormones alone aren’t enough to generate this skin syndrome. From unknown reasons, something disrupts the sebaceous gland and blocks the natural flow of the sebaceous out. There are different theories in regard to the factors causing acne, that focus on the genetic situations formed or damaged sebaceous gland, or a deficient functioning of the pores tunnel that doesn’t peel properly, or fat (sebum) which can be by itself deficient in some way (too viscous or irritating to the skin). When we take care of acne, we need to consider mostly (if not all) these issues in order to decrease the probabilities for outbursts.

There are theories also in regard to questions why certain people condition is worse than others. Certain researchers think that it involves high level of muscular hormones, while other say that this is a genetic deficiency of the sebaceous gland. There are those who apply excessive sensitivity to the acne bacterium, as the factor for differences between levels of severity in different people. There is also a research that shows different fatty acids components in the sebaceous gland that can be responsible for such occurrence. The combination of all these factors is the most logical one and it is the cause for the differences between those who suffer from mild acne and those who suffer from severe acne.

It is impossible to erase a pimple. We are going to look for solutions in pharmacies, and some of them promise to “dry out our pimples” a specific treatment can’t prevent the breaking out of other pimples. There is a need for a consistent treatment on the entire area affected in order to stop the acne (a consistent, continuous peeling, disinfection, fat absorption, and hormonal balancing). More than that: many products promise to treat the acne specifically – they contain dry components that cause irritations or sensitivity and that actually worsen the situation. If we will pay attention to what we see on the surface alone without taking into consideration what is going on beneath it, we will not be able to recover the skin, and decrease the pimples that create scars. The most logical treatment is to address the entire problem – the hormonal activity, the fat creation, the peeling of the skin (pores), and eliminating the bacterium that causes the inflammation. Focusing on individual pimple without looking at the whole picture can end up in more pimples that can increase the possibilities for scars; and additional skin problems such as redness, blood vessels on the surface of the skin, irritation and dry skin.



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  1. Hello, I must say I really like your site and appreciate reading through your informative articles. I took up cycling long distances and my trainer put me on anabolic steroids for muscle toning / building which had a disastrous effect on my acne – I simply followed an anti-acne diet coupled to good hygiene that helped me overcome the medication influence on my skin. Great post!


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