Introduction And Background

There are a few things the entire population would like to remove from this world. And one of the top things on the list is the skin condition of acne. No one likes acne. Everyone detests it a lot. It is one of those things that are not really life threatening but can make the skin of any person crawl at the mere mention of the name. However, there are a few people who are at a lower risk of acne. It might sound funny to you, but acne is a little racist. Yes, there are certain ethnicities that are at a higher risk of acne than others!


What Ethnicities Are At A Higher Risk Of Acne?

One might not really believe it but where one is from and where one belongs to is also a factor behind their risk of getting acne. For instance, out of all the different ethnicities involved, the most common one showing prevalence of acne is the American skin. It might be due to various reasons such as genetic factors or the diet that they follow but research has shown that. The next one to come is the Asian skin. It is also at a high risk of getting acne but slightly less because Asians tend to have vegetables in their diet and it protects them from getting skin conditions. White skin is more prone to getting acne than black skin. As I mentioned before, acne is a little racist here. But it is racist in the opposite way than the normal human beings.


Acne And Black Skin

Black skin is generally more tough than white skin and is less sensitive towards many factors, such as sunlight. There is no denying the fact that black skin can also get acne and their case sometime become worse than the normal case but the fact remains that the prevalence of acne in black skin is more than in white skin. The tribes in Africa who really don’t care for their skin and have a diet which consists of vegetables and meat have good skin but even they will get acne which can develop into acne scarring since they do not take care of it that much and the extensive sunlight brings spots to their skin. Since black skinned people do not get acne that much, if we see someone with acne and that someone has black skin, it will probably shock us. Something so common on something uncommon is always a surprising site, if you get what I mean.


Acne And White Skin

White skin is generally more sensitive and it is not that rough and tough either. What’s more, the acne on white skin is more visible and clear than any other skin color. Acne is more prevalent in white skin due to several genetic factors. At first, one might think that we just notice it more on white skin but even after surveys and research, the conclusion remains the same. White skin people, in every age and era, are considered to be more privileged. Acne is certainly enough to bring them down to earth!


Acne And Gender

Aside from the skin color factor, acne is also gender biased! Women are more prone to getting acne and it is more prevalent in them from teenage to the Middle Ages! There are many reasons of why women get acne more. Women have more sensitive skin than men and it is less thick than the man’s. For this reason, their skin quickly adapts to changes. They also use more cosmetics which can easily lead to blocking of the pores of the skin which can easily lead to acne. The hormonal changes that women face are also more than a man’s and this is also one of the leading factors of why women get acne.


Treatment Of Acne

The treatment of acne exists. Let’s put aside the myth that skin once ridden with acne can no longer be brought back to normal. The treatment for acne exists and it is pretty much the same for any skin color. At least the treatment of the problem has no skin color preferences! Treating acne is not easy and the entire process might take a very long time but healing the skin is no easy task. Be patient and make sure that you are on the right path of healing the skin and take extra good care of it. The acne will disappear and so will the scars.



Whether you are Asian or an American or an African or even European, you are all at risk of getting acne. Some might be more than other but at the end of the day, you have to take care of your skin. Nourish it, be gentle with it and it will be fine.



  1. Excuse me… this article is very offensive. You need to check your privilege, white female, living in a Western world full of insignificant problems. You should not be toting your opinions that white people are lesser to all other races, that they need to be “brought down to Earth!” So as you put it… where are you even getting your facts from? Men have acne worse than women and a male who wears makeup is bullied. Have you been around so few minorities that the only people you’ve seen with acne are white people? Your experience is not fact. You should add trigger warnings to your article because I am so offended right now!!!! I bet you’re honestly taking nothing away from what I’ve said and so be it. I’m only writing this so you understand its not okay to generalize and talk about a race of people in a biased way. Not cool. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. White privileged feminist.


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