Introduction And Background

Now, you’ll all be wondering what it is about acne that makes everyone scared to death of it? Well, let me tell you no one likes having spots and scars on their face. It is menacing to see perfect skin when your own skin is disfigured and for some people, how the face looks is the most important part. It is the beautifying factor in their life. The risks of acne are different for age, group, race and gender but the fear of the skin condition is probably the same for everyone.

Which Age Group Is At A High Risk Of Acne?

This should come as no surprise that the teenage years is the specific age group that is at a high risk of acne. While researching, it came about that almost eighty five to ninety percent teenagers are at a danger of having acne while almost seventy percent of them do have acne.

Why Are Teenagers At A High Risk Of Getting Acne?

Teenagers are at a high risk of getting acne because of:
• They are undergoing a lot of hormonal changes which affects their skin considerably. The stages of puberty are enough for the skin to get pimples and lesions which can easily develop into a case of acne.
• Their age is versatile enough. There is a lot of emotional and mental stress at such a young age and these factors can easily lead to acne.
• Teenagers are not really the most hygienic people around and it is not until much later that they learn the proper way to keep themselves clean. This is also one of the major reasons of why they get acne.

• Genetic factors play an important role in the onset of acne. If the parents had it, it is most likely that the children will have it as well.

The children will of course have it when they are in their teen years which are another reason of why it is more common in this particular age group.


Can Acne Be Healed?

Acne can certainly be healed. People often associate acne as being the skin condition that cannot be cured. This is the wrong stance to take on a very important matter. One should know that acne is curable so that they are set on the right path of curing it. Curing acne can take a long time because the skin does not heal overnight. It takes a lot of care, a lot of attention and then can things be set right. The proper treatment method is also necessary to take in order so that things do not mess up. There should be no risks involved where the skin is concerned.


Can Old People Get Acne?

It is fairly uncommon but old people can get acne. The risk of getting acne in old age is not that much though. Their skin does not really accustom acne on it. This is a good thing rather. Imagine having to worry about acne even during the later stages of life!


Is Acne Infectious?

This is a common misconception amongst people, especially the teenagers who are at the highest risk of getting acne. They believe that acne is infectious. Acne is not at all infectious. In fact, you can even come into contact with the person who has the worst form of acne scarring and you still won’t get acne. This is not an infection but rather a skin disease.


How Can One Avoid Acne?

Avoiding acne is not that hard. Actually, avoiding acne should be the concern of parents for their children because they can show their kids the right path of curing acne and making sure that they do not put their skin in any danger of getting acne.
• Be on the right diet. The diet is really important to avoid acne. If your diet is perfect and consists of fruits and vegetables and the proper amount of meat, there is a ninety percent chance that you won’t get acne.
• Drink a lot of water. Water is important to keep the skin hydrated and with hydrated skin, there is little chance that it will become dry or oily quickly. This will only help to ensure that skin has a glow to it and it will be far away from getting acne.
• Parents should tell their children about the importance of hygiene. It is vital for them to know how to properly take care of their skin so that they can thank their parents later if they never had to face the skin condition of acne.



Acne is common in teenagers. So if you are a teenager, pay special attention to your skin and make sure that you are on the right path of avoiding acne. If you are older and are a parent, make sure your child follows the right path!


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