Introduction and background

While acne is generally considered as a disease that occurs and persists at a mild to moderate intensity, one of the most bothersome and feared complications of acne is what we call as the “acne breakout”. The following article will discuss and highlight some of the salient features of acne breakouts, their causes and their treatments. Read on to discover the same:


What is an acne breakout?

By definition, acne breakouts refers to a sudden, acute, short term but very severe appearance / occurrence of the signs and symptoms (clinical manifestations) of acne such as pimples and pustules on the face, neck and sometimes on hands, arms and at the back as well.

Acne  breakouts are sometimes used synonymously with the term “acne aggravation or acne exacerbation”.


What causes acne breakout?

The following major causes have been identified:

Bacteria: Presence of bacteria / germs or pathogens is considered as one of the most common causes of such breakouts.

Disease: Certain common or rare diseases, such as Cushing’s disease, polycystic ovaries in women and enzymatic deficiencies can also lead to acne exacerbations.

Cosmetics: Frequent application of low-grade make-up, cosmetics, such as blush-on, face polish, face powder, vanishing creams and complexion cleansing creams and lubricants may also lead to acne outbreaks.

Medications: Certain drugs / medications such as oral contraceptive pills or drugs containing steroids may also cause acute acne attacks as their side effects. Stopping such drugs may lead to disappearance of acne attacks.


Who is at risk of acne breakout?

Experts have identified the following risk factors for the potential occurrence of acne breakouts:

Teens: Acne breakouts, like acne itself are common in teens especially before the age of twenty. The reason is probably what are known as “hormonal spurts” during this phase of life and rapid hormonal fluctuations in one;s blood. that eventually gives rise to the

Women: Statistics show that women are more prone to develop acne breakouts than men. However, as many as 10% men suffering from acne can also have acne breakouts at some stage of their lives.

People under stress: As is the case with any other disease, excessive mental or psychological stress puts one at the risk of acne breakouts.  It is not exactly clear how stress leads to the development of such acne aggravation. However, health care experts have suggested that it probably because of the imbalance of certain hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine that eventually results in acne aggravation.

Women who are pregnant: Again, as the pregnancy acutely shifts the hormonal balance in women, it may also lead to acne outbreaks during or after pregnancy in such females. This, however, does not mean that every pregnant women with a history a of acne will definitely get acne outbreak. However, she is at increased risk of the same.


Tips on controlling or preventing acne outbreaks

1- Try to incorporate exercise / regular physical and psychosocial activity in your daily life. It provides prompt relief from mental stress.

2- Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet rich in multi vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals.

3- Drink plenty of water, say, at least 8 to 10 glasses each day.

4- Avoid using medications that have too many side effects until and unless they are prescribed by your doctor to treat a disease.

5- Try out anti-acne treatment kits that are now fast gaining popularity because of their safety, efficacy and affordability. One of the best features of these kits is that they are completely safe and prescription-free, mostly contain natural ingredients and are called as “multi-component” therapies. Being multi-component means they contain  variety of different types of parts / components such as moisturiser, mask, creams, lotions and emergency treatment components  For the same reason, they can be effectively used to treat all grades, stages and phases of acne including acne outbreaks.



It is crystal clear from the above discussion that acne outbreak is a severe and acute complication of acne that can greatly affect’s one’s lifestyle;e and schedule. There are multiple risk factors and causes for the same. However, the good thing is that, fortunately, there are certain good and time-tested anti-acne multi-component natural kits that cannot only effectively treat these outbreaks but can also prevent them from occurring in the first place. Click here to check out some of our recommended acne-specific kits.



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