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Because your skin absorbs much of what you put on its surface, it is important to choose our personal skin and acne care products wisely. While the use of junk ingredients in conventional personal care products is common, there are healthier botanical alternatives such as natural anti-acne kits or herbal acne-specific therapies available. In the pursuit of health and beauty, what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat. Therefore, an optimal or ideal natural acne therapy performs 5 critical functions to protect, replenish and repair your skin in and before acne.


1- Moisturizing: Moisture is critical to good skin health in acne because it helps maintain a good skin barrier and creates a flexible, pliable skin that is soft to touch. Moist skin will tan better and more evenly. A good anti-acne system or kit acts as good moisturizer and helps replace the vitamins your skin needs. It also contains Vitamin E, or tocopheryl acetate, which is a potent antioxidant that should be found in a good moisturizer. In addition it also has Vitamin C which acts in concert with vitamin E in a healthy antioxidant system. Such anti-acne system or kit not only adds moisture to the skin, but also adds some oils (for example, some kits contain Tea tree oil) to the skin. After all, people with severe dry skin require a moisturizer with more oils than a person with slightly dry skin.


2- Hydration: Preventing excessive water loss is exceptionally important to the skin’s health and appearance in acne. Ideally, a good and recommended herbal acne therapy deeply hydrates, firms and protects human skin especially in acne when your dry or oily skin needs hydration more than ever. In simple words, complimenting each other, all components of such acne treatment kit support optimum hydration and moisture balance in acne.


3- Cleansing: The special formulation with natural protective agents is an effective care to reduce fine lines, blemishes, blackheads and pus-filled cysts. Therefore, you should choose a natural acne therapy that essentially contains a cleansing gel, cream or lotion.


4- Protection: A quality herbal acne therapy has ingredients that strengthen the skin’s resistance to external hazards, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and sunlight. It is also the best solution to reduce signs of ageing around your eyes. Such herbal acne kit also protects skin against environmental stresses while boosting skin’s own resilience.


5- Disinfection: You should choose an anti-acne system that also helps your acne-prone skin to repair while you sleep. For example, there are some acne therapies that have special composition including Tea tree oil and protective antioxidants present in the Tava Tea component let your skin visibly recover from daily damage induced by acne, UV radiation and ageing  Tea tree oil, in particular, acts as a natural “antibiotic” against infection and inflammation, ensuring a faster recovery and smooth healing. It also prevents any formation of cysts as a result of any future acne attack.

Finally, in addition to the composition, there are some other factors that must be considered while choosing a quality natural acne therapy such as:
Credibility: You should use a brand that is considered as an authentic and established brand in the world of cosmetics and skin care
Simplicity: Unlike other acne products, quality natural acne solutions are simple and do not contain numerous products. Instead, they are just a three-step or multi-step solution to most of your acne symptoms
Economy: Compared to various other acne treatment systems and products, some recommended natural acne solutions product systems are relatively economical and more affordable.
All in all, when it comes to natural acne therapy and treatment prevention, you should carefully consider and compare all the available choices and then only choose a treatment kit of natural acne system that is complete and comprehensive. In other words, you should go for a skin care anti-acne system that plumps and smoothes the skin in acne, and, more importantly, reinforces the natural protection of your skin and, thus, allows the skin to concentrate on its functions rather than responding to pimples and papules reactions brought about by bacteria and inflammation in acne. With regular, consistent and continuous use of such quality natural acne treatment kits or systems, your skin becomes smoother, outbreaks lessen and it gains a calmer appearance. All without the risk of invasive or harsh treatments!


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