Introduction And Background

We are all worried about our skin. We are worried that it looks sallow today, that it will look paler tomorrow. We are worried about the small lines that are appearing on our forehead way earlier than the time they should. We are worried about the wrinkles that are forming beside the eyes. We are worried about the spots and pimples that appear out of nowhere. Needless to say, the entire population on earth spends a good time worrying about their skin daily. They worry about the complexion, about their skin health and then wonder what they can do to provide the best care for their skin. Well, here’s something to read.


How Does Climate Affect The Skin?

Some people might not know this but climate plays a really huge role in the skin complexion. It is probably the major factor behind all the different complexions of the same skin color. The exposure to the sun and the humidity or the general weather all affects the skin. For example, were the sun to shine every day and the days be long, it is possible that most of the people of the city would be tanned. However, for those who live in cloudy areas where there is little or no sunshine, they would have a really pale skin which might be a little pink around the cheeks because of the cold, if they live in a cold area.


The Best Climate For Skin Complexion And Health

This would be a hard thing to decide because both the cold climate and the warm climate can benefit the skin. The tropical areas around the world all have the perfect climate but then again the sunny areas also benefit the skin. However, the warm climate is better for skin complexion and health. Here are the reasons why:

• The warm climate generally makes us more active. It takes out the laziness in us and we are bound to more around more, exercise more. The cold just makes us want to hibernate. For this purpose, a more active us ensures a greater skin complexion and skin health.

• There is exposure to the sun in warm climates. Extensive exposure is never good but that can be avoided. No one is telling you to sit in the sun for too long. But the sunny exposure gives our skin the energy it needs and also makes us sweat. This is good for clearing up toxins inside and clearing out the skin pores so that they do not clog with dirt and bacteria.

• Skin, no matter what color, has a greater complexion in warm climates. The blood vessels, mainly the arteries, have constricted blood flow in the cold but in warmer climates, they are experiencing vasodilation which means that there is more blood flow which means a better complexion. This is also the reason why, after exercise, we become all red.

• Warm climates also ensure our skin does not get too dry because perspiration helps it to moisturize itself. However, ensure that you drink sufficient amounts of water. Otherwise, skin can get dehydrated in such climates.


Is Warm Climate Best For Skin Health Too?

Yes, warm climate is better for skin health too. Our skin needs to see the outside sun, to experience fresh air. It makes a lot of difference to the skin health. It also needs a lot of water. Warm climates provide all of that. We exercise more and this helps our skin. We eat fruits of the summers which are high in water content and fiber as well which helps us just as much. Our skin health improves incredibly. It gets all the right contents for the diet and all the right things from the outdoors.


Be Careful Of The Sun

Knowing that warm climates are best for the skin complexion and the health, it is also good to keep in mind about the dangers of the sun. Where a little sun exposure can be wonderful for the skin, a lot of sun exposure can do damage as well. It can burn up the skin easily and you can get a tan or get sunburnt right away. It is best to keep in mind to not sit out in the direct sunlight for too long.



Everyone must be thinking why the cold climate hasn’t been mentioned since it is also beneficial for the skin complexion and health. While it may have certain benefits, warm climates are generally better for the skin. The benefits are more in number and the cold climate is not that good for the skin. You can see the stats. The people who are living in warm climates have a healthier look overall while those living in colder climates have pale skin. See the difference?



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