Although principally considered as the illness of the adolescents, ‘adult acne’ is much more generalized than anyone can imagine. It is believed that approximately 25 percent of the adult men and even at least 50 percent of the adult women suffer from adult acne in some moment of their life. It is extremely common and many people do not know this fact. They feel ashamed of it and do not like the fact that they are struck with a disease considered to be of the teen years. The adult men and women can suffer from adult acne at any age and people in their mid life are also prone to getting acne. In youngsters, it is a leading cause of social ineptness and depression.

Statistics of people struck with Acne

• Among the adults, a 20% strike rate is present
• Of the American population, sixty million have it.
• Twenty Million have scarring acne
• Those trying to treat the acne are a mere eleven percent!
Where does it strike the most?
Acne is commonly known to be visible on the face. On teenagers, we often see it on their foreheads or their cheeks and chin. Spots are also visible on the nose at times. However, acne can occur on other parts too such as the neck and the shoulders.

Why do adults get acne?

There are various reasons why adults can get acne. It is wrongly considered as a disease for the adolescents only. A small percentage of people carry on the acne that struck them during their teenager years but most of them get acne in later years.

Sex Hormones: Research by various dermatologists have come to the conclusion that hormones play a valid role in the formation of acne through the oil glands and the hair follicles present. The changes during puberty also affects greatly. The menstruation cycle of girls makes the acne worse, even if they are older now and the boys’ face acne because of the enlargement of sebaceous glands due to the increase in their sex hormones production.

Pregnancy: The Birth control pills are basically hormones. They alter the body functions and aggravate the acne due to the hormonal changes.
Family Genes: Sometimes, a person is quite helpless when it comes to acne. If a parent had acne, it strongly suggests that the child will get it too. And if it is prevalent during their old age, it is most likely the child’s will be too.
Bacteria and Drugs: The accumulation of bacteria also causes acne and those adults who are not exactly hygienic would face this problem. A few drugs are also known to have some side effects of which acne is one.

Who has a higher chance of getting Acne?

Acne can occur at all ages (over ten) but there is no doubt about it that it is most prevalent in teenagers. It strikes both girls and boys and is the leading cause of losing self confidence nowadays. However, there are many reasons of why people get acne and as many risk factors. People with a strong family history of acne are at a higher risk of getting Acne. Those who take a lot of stress in their life and use different kinds of medication can get acne. Those who are born with an oily skin are at a high risk of getting acne. Even sports people can get acne because of the conditions of playing and the protective wear they use. Footballers who roll around in the mud with helmets on are not exactly the cleanest people alive.


How do adults treat acne?

Acne treatment is more common in adults than it is in teenagers because unlike teenagers, the adults worry that it won’t ‘go away just like that’. The treatment basically depends on the type of acne you have. If the acne is quite severe, then medicine treatment is in order. There are drugs available such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Dapsone as well as Vitamin A. Oral medicine recommended by a dermatologist is most likely to help. There is OTC treatment for mild acne which consist of lotions and creams that are applied on the skin to make the condition disappear somehow. Then there is anti-acne supplements which is the herbal treatment process. It is highly recommended because it is made of natural herbs and is the natural process of healing, unlike the rest.
Acne is not a teenager problem and shouldn’t be treated as one either. It strikes adults at a more frequent rate than you are willing to agree with and it should be taken seriously because the skin of adults isn’t as young and healing as a youngsters’. There is Exposed Skin care that really helps in such dilemmas. It is a botanical remedy and helps to prevent and treat acne both. Exposed Skin Care is the natural way to heal and is a recommended treatment process.


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