An efficient treatment that deals with: reduction of fat production, reduction of skin cells accumulation on the surface of the skin and in the pores, and eliminating of the bacterium that causes inflammation. Therefore the method of the ideal treatment is doubled: internal and external. In many cases the external treatment is sufficient.

The external treatment

A gentle cleansing of the skin with containing water dissolvent that doesn’t contain components that can block the pores or cause irritation of the skin. It helps to decrease future irritations and redness that can worsen the situation.

Removals of dead skin cells and encourage a healthy changeover of the skin cells. From the surface of the skin and likewise inside the pores in order to help the skin so it can be peeled in an appropriate manner.

Absorption or reduction of fat surplus. In order to reduce the main reason for blockage and widened pores.

Bacteria elimination that cause outbursts, inflammation, redness and swelling.

The systematic treatment (swelling)

Antibiotic pills – to reduce bacterium growth

Pills and hormones blockage – to control the fat production

Acutan – The only subscribed medicine that can cure acne

There is no other way – each person needs to try and see what works best for him/her. But in order to cope properly – it is necessary to take into consideration all the factors creating pimples and provide them with the appropriate response.

What not to do

Don’t use the “heavy” cosmetic and care products, or any irritators. We always emphasize the need for mild cleansing of all different type of skins. This issue is maybe difficult for those with oily skin or those with skin that tend to produce pimples, due to their will “to really clean” the skin – it is hard to withstand this temptation. However, these types of drying soaps don’t clean the skin much better. What is even more frustrating is the fact that many products in the market produced for the purpose of treating problematic skin are actually worsening it or causing the skin much more problems than those originally existed. Products intended for treating acne many times containing active surface – molecules (heavy detergents), multiple scrubbing particles, alcohol, menthol, mint, camphor, eucalyptus, lemon and grapefruit oils. All these are very irritating and the irritation can damage the skin ability to recover and fight the bacterium. Those products don’t disinfect, don’t reduce the fat production, don’t influence the hormonal activity and don’t help in peeling it. Instead, they kill more skin cells than necessary, something that can cause blockage of the pores, dry skin, irritations and turn the skin into a much more red tone. A pimple is by definition already irritated, red and swollen, so it isn’t logical to use components that will make it even more irritated, red and swollen.

The care products containing irritating components, such as face mask, shrinkages, toners and scrubs with grains (that also contain wax), potentially can damage the skin and deteriorate/worsen the acne situation. If a product irritates the skin, if it itches or burns, it doesn’t help. Not only the irritation causes production of fat and redness, it can also increase swelling and dries the skin – it can also create pimples that are similar to skin rush in addition to adolescent pimples that we already trying to get rid of.

Solid soaps and many liquids recommended sometime for acne contain Ingredients that can block the pores. Soaps contain milk and solid soaps contain other thickening substance with wax basis that can block the pores. In a surprising manner, soaps with high PH (with PH of 8 and above) can actually increase the quantity of bacterium in the pores! All these elements worsen the condition much more inside the pores and again increase the risk for pimples.

It is difficult to get over the desire to squeeze the pimple and “pop” it out. Some of us erroneously think that this speeds recovery and empties the pustule etc, but actually this can lead to additional problems. The recovery of the pimple that was “squeezed” and its renewed damage, every time, brings up the chances for scares; and It is difficult to get rid of scars, for some of them it is even impossible.

There are those who use hot compresses, a treatment that also damages the skin by burning it. The heat causes extra redness and swelling. The entire process can tear and crack the pores, and bring up the possibility for additional outbursts. The same goes for placing the face in hot steams or the use of hot waters. Hot waters burn the skin, and damage its ability to fight the bacterium. What is necessary in order to calm the skin is lukewarm water. Use lukewarm water and mild cleansers with water dissolvent, and if it is necessary to clean make up so not with scrubbing. Wiping and scrubbing only worsens the irritations and also can cause dropping of the skin and wrinkles.

It is necessary to ensure that the pimples aren’t a reaction to hair care products that slip on the face. Hair spray, mousse, gel and additional hairdressing products that contain polymers (Ingredients that create somewhat smooth coating) can block the pores and cause pimples.




  1. First of all, if it’s a serious poerlbm then you should see a Dermotoligist. They can tell you for sure if it’s adult acne, or just a hold over from your younger days. Also, alot of young women make the mistake of try’in to cover acne with make up, which tends to make the poerlbm even worse. If you wear make up, be sure to wash your face daily to cleans away the excess soo that your pores are open and the dirt and oil does’nt get trapped inside them. If the doctor says that it is Adult Acne, then he may prescribe a prescription cleanser for your face which will be stronger than anything you could by at the local drug store. But being watchful of things like make up and washing your face often can go along way. Good Luck.


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