Introduction And Background

Acne treatment is a hard process. Firstly, it takes a lot of patience because treating the skin does not take hours or a number of days. It takes weeks to become okay. And with acne, it could take months! The thing with acne treatment is, you need quick treatment but you also need the best treatment. As for the quick part, almost all the treatment processes are gradual ones in which time is taken. But as for the best treatment; it is one in which you get the best results. And as they say, when life gives you lemons, treat your acne!

Why Lemons?
Lemons are the greatest disinfectant you will find. In fact, it is the best detoxifier as well. You can pick up any detergent or surf in your house and you will see that the main ingredient in it is lemons. Any dish washer, floor cleaner, they all have lemons in it. The vitamins and other elements present in the lemons also help the dead cells of the skin to be removed and new ones to grow quickly. You cannot go wrong with lemons, I assure you.

What Do Lemons Do?
Lemons do various things. They can be used in either the natural way or a lemon based product can be used on the skin. If lemons are squirted on the skin, it visibly reduces the inflammation that is caused by the acne. Pores that have been clogged by the oil and the sebum and even the sweat of the skin are opened and cleansed by lemons. Lemon is the greatest cleanser! Even in everyday life if you notice that the dish or the pan is oily, apply a little lemon dish washer on it and it will not even be a little oily anymore. Lemons are not only for external treatment. If you use it internally, by drinking it, you can even stop the immune system of the body from making the acne inflammation which is the reaction the skin has to the foreign particle or the bacteria that has come into the pores or onto the skin.

How To Use Lemons For Acne Treatment?
Till now, I have only told you the benefits of using the acne treatment. But I have not mentioned on how exactly you can use them. Well, here are a few tips that ought to keep you going on the right process of things.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water. You can even steam your face if you want but washing it is better. It will make sure that the pores of the skin open for all the cleansing to take place. After you have done this, take a cotton ball and spray a little pure lemon juice on it. Apply and dab the cotton ball gently and softly on the acne infected areas. You should repeat it again. You can let the lemon stay on the skin overnight too for better results but sometimes it can get too strong for you and cause irritation. In this case it is better to wash off the lemon after twenty to thirty minutes.
  • For internal cleansing and for the immune system handling, drink the lemon juice you want. And lemon juice naturally tends to be very sour so you can mix it with water and add a little sugar to make it likeable. However, do not drink a lot of it. It can also cause acidity in the stomach which is not at all good for the health. If you want it to be just good for the skin, drink a little of it.
  • Take a bit of lemon juice and a little of honey rose water of the equal amount. Mix the two thoroughly. After mixing, apply it on the acne ridden areas of the skin. Wash it off after twenty minutes. For best results, do this once a day for at least two weeks.
  • Cut up a lemon into thin slices. Put it gently on the acne infected areas for about five minutes and then wash your face. This will help immensely.

A few people might complain that putting lemon on their skin seems to sting it and this might aggravate the acne further because you are irritating your skin. While the stinging part might be true, do not worry, you are not going to aggravate your acne further. If too much lemon is applied for a really long period and you have sensitive skin, only then can you face a little redness but other than that the lemon will sting and it is good for you. How is it good? It will cause the inflammation to lessen. That is what the stinging does. Enjoy the lemons if you have acne, you’ll be surprised at how they can make your skin heal.


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