Introduction And Background

The outer layer of the body that covers everything that is inside is conveniently called the skin. We might not know this but the skin is the largest organ of the body and is probably the most important. If the skin were not present, we would probably be having infections every single day and everything inside our body would fall outside. We have to take good care of the skin and since it is a vital part of how we look and our beauty, the world does take extra care of its most vital organ. The skin though, can get damaged and irritated very easily. Read on further to understand what this means, especially reading about skin allergies.

What Are Skin Allergies?
We know what allergies are. Allergy is something that does not suit the body and causes a little harm to it. For instance, those allergic to sea food will often see their neck swell or their eyes bulge a little because they ate something that was not acceptable to their body. Some allergies can be life threatening as well. Those who are allergic to bees have to be careful otherwise a lot of stings can cause death too. Some people are allergic to pollen and often sneeze like crazy in spring. However, some have skin allergies where their skin gets irritated by any factors. It can be a medical condition by birth or can develop over time. But the thing is, skin is sensitive and can be affected quite easily.

Some Types Of Skin Allergies
There are some types of skin allergies named below which might help you to understand skin allergies better.

  • Eczema
    This is a medical condition in which the skin becomes very dry and it itches a lot. Numerous times people go crazy scratching their skin and cracks form and this condition can often become painful. There are creams and pain relievers which give a little relief in case the skin becomes too irritated. It is seen in children and old women mostly. Eczema is mostly brought about by environmental factors where something irritates the skin and then eczema is caused.
  • Hives
    This is a condition in which the blood vessels of the skin leak which causes inflammation of the skin. It gives a person a bluish puffy look and the face often looks swollen and weird. Hives is again a common skin allergy but it is not contagious. In fact, it can be caused by even normal things like exercise or the heat. Those who get hives have to be extra careful about their skin. Insect bites or even the side effect of a medication can cause hives.
  • Angioedema
    This is another skin condition allergy and is similar to hives. It is when the deep layers of the skin start to well. Edema basically means tissue or fluid accumulation and this is what happens in this. The allergy is usually genetic related and is inherited.

Is Acne A Skin Allergy?
This question has confused many. Some people say that acne is a skin allergy while some say that it is not an allergy but is actually a skin condition. A condition and an allergy are somewhat similar but acne is considered to be an allergy sometimes. Why is that so? Well, first things first. Acne is caused by various reasons whether they be environmental but it starts off with something that irritates the skin. For instance, a lot of dust and dirt can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. It can lead to blocked pores and thus, pimples can form. If this happens frequently, a case of acne can develop. Hence, acne is a skin allergy.

Understanding Skin Allergy
You have to know your skin allergies very carefully in order to avoid them. For example, those allergic to pollen will never know that they are allergic to pollen unless they haven’t experienced it once or twice. The same is the case with skin allergy. You will never know what you’re allergic to unless you have experienced it. Then afterwards, once you know what has irritated your skin, you have to make sure that it never happens again if you want your appearance to look good and never change! If you think you are allergic to cosmetics even, leave that! It is better than having puffy eyes and pimples all over, don’t you think?

Allergies are a part of life and one has to learn how to live with them. It is easy once you know what to avoid. There are some kids who are allergic to peanuts and once they know that, they avoid all foods which have peanuts in them, helped by their parents of course. If you know something that can cause a skin allergy in you, best to avoid it.


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