Introduction And Background

Some normal mechanisms of the body are good for us, but we don’t generally appreciate them or know how to benefit from them. For instance, our skin secretes sebum, an oily substance that can actually insulate our skin when it is too cold. But we do not like the sebum because it can clog in our pores and can easily lead to acne. In the same manner, the sun is good for us but we do not get the energy required but rather burn our skin by sitting in the sun for too long. It is important to know about different things of the body and to know how they work so that we can use it more to our advantage than disadvantage. This article will focus on sweating.

What Is Sweat?
Sweat’s proper definition is that it is moisture which is secreted through the pores in our skin. This moisture generally appears as a counter reaction to increased body heat, fear or in exercise to try to cool the body. Sometimes, people even sweat in nervousness. Sweat is nothing other than water and salt and is found to be excreted by every human being. Those who do not sweat have some deficiency or anomaly and can be in mortal danger even.

How Is Sweat Produced?
We won’t get into the science of that. All you need to know is that there are sweat glands present beneath your skin which work when your body requires them to. Sweat glands are present almost everywhere on the skin.

Why Is Sweat Produced?
Sweat is produced due to different reasons but the main reason is the rise of temperature in the body. Normal temperature is about Thirty seven degree Celsius for all humans. If it gets more than that, our body automatically starts working to bring it back to normal. For this, sweat is produced so that the water molecules on the skin take the heat from the body when they evaporate. This leads to a decrease in the body temperature, hence bringing it back to the normal. However, sweat is also produced when we are extremely nervous. Some people even sweat during the winter time because they are nervous. Some sweat because they have more sweat glands in their body genetically.

Benefits Of Sweating
Sweating has a lot of benefits! In fact, we generally look at the bad side of sweating rather than the good side. But here, we’ll see some of the reasons why sweating is good for us.

  • Sweating relieves a lot of heat from the body which is necessary for survival. People can die from a heat stroke in the summers if this sweating mechanism was not possible. It has a vital role to play to regulate our body temperature otherwise a lot worse can happen. If the temperature rises, our cells can burst, many of the organs will not work properly and most of all, we’ll feel awful physically.
  • Sweating can get rid of the excessive water present in the body as well as the salts. It also gives one a refreshing relief and is often good for the clearance of the pores of the skin.
  • It moisturizes the skin. If the skin gets too dry, as what happens in winters, it becomes more scaly and itchy. Dry skin also has wrinkles growing faster and quicker in early age. With sweating, the skin is moisturized and glistened. It doesn’t look dry and it isn’t dry!

Disadvantages Of Sweating
With advantages, there is also a bad side to sweating. Most people will know of this side more than the benefits but we shall discuss them anyway.

  • Sweat has a smell that is generally disliked by all. Some lucky ones do not have sweat that smells but most people do and it sets off a bad image for them. Sweat itself does not have any smell but when it comes into contact with the bacteria present on the skin surface or in the pores, it tends to…stink. This is a major disadvantage when you’re surrounded by people.
  • Sweating leaves patches on our clothes which are a kind of social embarrassment. They do not even dry off quickly and generally look weird if there are a lot of patches around, especially in the underarms region which is the most common region of sweating, especially in females.
  • If one remains sweaty and is in the habit of doing so without cleaning up, it can generally lead to blocked pores which can easily lead to acne. This is something that nobody would want!

It isn’t hard to understand how sweating works. Almost everyone knows their mechanism but you should know the benefits of sweating so you can appreciate it rather than curse it.


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