Introduction And Background

The world lives on tragedies so anything that is not life threatening is not meant to be taken seriously. Well, acne should be taken seriously and it mostly is. However, we really need to emphasize on acts which can prevent acne on a whole because it can have a severe effect on people no matter what age they are at. Just because acne is not considered a proper disease and does not require you to be admitted at a hospital does not mean it should not be given the attention it requires and deserves.

The Real Problem Of Acne
We all know how specific and concerned everyone is about their looks. Imagine what a person is going through if he or she has a case of acne? Imagine having to walk around with spots on the face which just seems to be getting worse day by day. Imagine having to face everyone, even friends, who have clear skin and especially at an age where these things matter a lot to you. The real problem of acne, that most people do not realize, is the effect it has on your mental and psychological health. It ruins a person’s self-esteem completely and the confidence is shattered. Most teenagers like to stay at home because of this problem and this is also one of the root causes of children being anti-social at an age where they should be most outgoing. This is the real problem of acne.

What Effect Can Acne Have On The Mind?
We have established that acne is not a life threatening disease nor does it provide any physical harm to the body. It is just a skin condition but with immense power to affect the mind. Acne can make a person introvert and can also lead to a severe case of depression which is common amongst most teenagers because this is the age where acne is most prevalent and this is also the age where a human is most sensitive. There have been several cases where teenagers have needed counseling on the matter and they have needed encouragement to deal with the matter, paying no attention to the teasing around them and paying no heed to the insensitivity of others. Adults are not really that badly affected because either they do not feel the need to impress anyone or they are beyond letting these things bother them. The effect is usually greater in youngsters, especially the teenagers. It is too bad that their age is also the most common age of getting acne.

How To Deal With It?
It is not easy. Healing the acne can take a very long time and it usually is a really long process. One has to be really patient while dealing with acne because this does not disappear in a matter of days. It takes weeks at a time and even months. Acne has also been known to take years to disappear. To deal with acne is simply to accept it and not take any stress over the matter. It is better to think ahead and want to solve the problem rather than coerce yourself into thinking how bad your luck is. Take steps to make the condition better and try not to let it bother you. Remember that acne is a really common condition and while it may be embarrassing to have spots and scars on the face, there are many others who are going through the same problem. And for those who do not have acne, be kind to those who do. You don’t want to be in their shoes, do you?

A Leading Cause Of Depression
There will be about ninety percent of the people reading this article who will not believe that acne is the leading cause of depression. But it really is. However, only in those who are below the age of eighteen. It mostly affects children and teenagers who get really depressed having to deal with such a horrible skin condition and it is one of the major causes of depression in teenagers nowadays.

Be A Friend; Even To Yourself
If you are friends with someone who has acne, be a true friend and not let them dwell too much into it. Help them to heal it quickly and properly by making sure they are using the right treatment method and by ensuring they are on the right diet. If you are the one who has acne, be a friend to yourself.

Acne scars the skin but it leaves much deeper scars than that, ones that the world cannot see. Do not let the acne make those scars, even if they have scarred the skin. Do not take stress over the matter and convince yourself to focus on the healing process only.



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