Introduction And Background

During vicious battles in the olden times, most fighters or warriors would carry around shields with them, to protect their body from any outward force that could damage it. In the same manner, the skin is kind of a shield which protects what is inside our body. It is not as strong a barrier as a shield but it gets the job done and perhaps in some ways, it is even stronger and more utilized as well.

Why Do We Have Skin?

This layer which covers every part, every inch of our body is the skin. It is a barrier between everything inside and everything outside. We basically have skin so that everything inside does not fall out or fall apart. If we didn’t have skin, all the organs inside our body would be hanging out and the blood would most probably fall out and just looking at all the goriness would disgust a lot of people. Our skin is beauty and we should protect it. Funny thing is, it protects us.

How Does The Skin Protect Us? A Detailed Analysis

We’ve established that the skin is a barrier between us and the outside world, yes? And a barrier’s first and foremost duty is to protect. And this is what the skin does. It protects us in several ways, some of which are listed below.
• It is the first line of action of immunity against everything foreign. The bacteria that are present almost everywhere cannot freely enter our body and cause harm or damage because our skin does not let them. It denies the passage of anything foreign into the body, be it bacteria or any virus or even a simple thing such as water.
• It protects our organs and muscles from getting inflicted with any sort of injury. As the skin is a type of a soft tissue, it absorbs the shock of a hit rather than cause the organs inside to face it.
• Our skin has nerve receptors all over. They have motor neurons and sensory neurons but I won’t get into that. What happens is, when our body touches something hot or cold, we immediately pull back our hand because it does not suit what we’re accustomed to, especially if we’ve touched something hot that could burn the skin. This is due to those nerve receptors present which inform the brain of what is happening and the brain then sends signals to the skin to protect.
• Even though the skin might seem like a single layer of sheath without any breaks or holes in between, the fact is that it does have pores. Otherwise, if they didn’t have pores, how in the world does the watery sweat come on our skin when we exercise or are in heated conditions? This is also another way of protecting the body. When the body temperature rises above the norm which can be really dangerous for all the bodily functions and systems, the sebaceous glands in the skin produce sweat and then through these pores it is released onto the skin. When the sweat evaporates, the body cools down and returns to its normal temperature.
• The skin also protects your body from the harmful rays present in sunlight. Even though a sufficient amount of sunlight is actually good for the skin, there are ultraviolet rays present that won’t be particularly good for whatever is beneath the skin. Thus, the skin protects us this way too.
• If there was no skin and your body was exposed the atmospheric conditions, many of the important components of the body could have evaporated such as blood and lymph. This would have been extremely dangerous and would have most certainly caused death. With the skin present, this is not at all possible as it is a barrier between what is inside and the atmosphere, protecting the liquids inside pretty well.
The Skin is the most important organ of the body you could say. Its protective function is so important that we would not be able to survive even a single day without it. Just imagine if we didn’t have skin. We would be getting some kind of infection every day. We would be getting dehydrated by the slightest rise in temperatures. We would not know how to control our own body temperature! And not to forget the fact that we wouldn’t be good to look at, at all. Be grateful for the skin you have!



Now that you’re well aware of the importance of skin and how it protects you, it is your duty to make sure that you protect your skin by eating the right diet and keeping it clean so that it does not get ridden with acne or any other skin disease or skin condition. After all, your skin deserves the attention and care with what it does for you every single day.



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