Introduction And Background

Sweating is basically a mechanism where the sweat glands underneath the skin secrete a salty solution that helps the body overcome various things that will be discussed later in the article. The process of sweating is not hard to understand since every human being in the world experiences it sometime or the other, mostly the ones who have to live in a heated environment or do hard labor.

How Do We Sweat?

The body has a regulation system. There are nerves present everywhere on the skin which detect the slightest change in temperature. As soon as the body experiences heating up, it immediately activates the sweat glands present underneath the skin which secrete sweat which is released onto the surface of the skin. The sweat evaporates off the skin and as evaporation is a cooling process, the body immediately cools down as the sweat vapors takes away the heat.

Why Do People Sweat?

There are several reasons of why people start sweating. But first, it is essential to understand what exactly sweat is. People often associate it with negative connotations, not liking it at all. But they do not get that it is a natural process where the body is trying to get rid of the excessive heat present inside. If this does not happen, the body’s temperature will rise and chances of getting sick and unwell will be inevitable. People sweat because:
• To get rid of the excessive heat present inside the body. There is a constant temperature at which the body needs to be in order to function well. In order to maintain the temperature, the body sweats so that there is not a sudden extensive rise that could harm.
• To get rid of the extensive heat that is produced during strenuous exercise.
• To get rid of the excess body fluid that has accumulated.
• To get rid of the excessive salt present in the body.
• To get rid of excess waste materials.
• In nervousness or when afraid.

What Can Cause Excessive Sweating?

There are some people who are born with more sweat glands than normal and they sweat more than others too. However, women have more sweat glands than men but men sweat more than women, often leading to the excessive part. But there are some diseases that can also cause excessive sweating such as diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer patients and alcoholics. Pregnant women and those experiencing menopause are also known to sweat more than usual. Everyone should accept the fact that it is a natural process and one cannot help it. It actually helps the body. Without it, we’d all be burning up in the sun and our body would need to figure out different and hard ways to cool down.

How To Stop Sweating?

This is impossible. No one can stop sweating unless they go the coldest area of the world where they wouldn’t need to cool down their body but rather work to make it warm. Some people want to stop the sweat from appearing beneath their underarms because it looks bad. For them, there is powder and roll ons present in the market which can dry their underarms or make their sweat less for a period of time. It is not unhealthy and many working men and women have resolved to use it. Many sports people also use it so that they do not smell after all the sweat that accumulates after they play. However, keep in mind that sweat does not smell. It is the bacterial breakdown on the skin that sometimes brings out a tinge stench.


Sweating is not bad. Without it, there would be a lot of health problems (such as acne) and everyone would be running around with a burning fever underneath the sun or in hot and humid conditions. It is better to accept that you sweat rather than being afraid and trying to stay in the air conditioner. If sweating causes social discomfort and makes one extremely conscious in public, try to powder yourself. It can dry your skin and make you calm and cool for a while. If that doesn’t work, wear deodorant so that it doesn’t smell. But remember, sweating detoxifies the body and cleanses it too.



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