Introduction And Background

Our skin has become our topmost priority. Ever since we become of age and start paying attention to our physical appearance, we take care of our skin better than most things. This is why the word ‘acne’ makes us insanely scared. The skin condition is very common and has the power to affect our well being, especially emotionally and mentally. We will further discuss acne in the article and about its most annoying sign. But first we will learn a little more about the causes of acne and then move to the most annoying symptom and sign.

Causes Of Acne
They are actually a lot of causes of acne but we will only discuss the most major ones. Acne can be caused due to various factors. It does not have only one causative factor. The acne symptoms and signs are similar in people who have acne but their causes usually differ.

  • Hygiene is the most major cause of acne. Usually, the pores of the face can get clogged quite easily with dirt and oil if one does not clean it up. Kids are usually messy and dirty and this is why they can get acne at such a young age. It is uncommon in their age though.
  • Hormonal changes are another major cause of acne. This is the reason why teenagers and pregnant women get acne, why this skin condition is most common in their ages and conditions. When your body is undergoing changes, sometimes it has certain side effects. They can affect the skin too. Teenagers usually get acne because of their puberty stage, where they are facing a lot of hormonal changes.
  • Genetics can also play a role in acne. If the grandparents and the parents had it, most likely the child will have it. If a sibling has had acne before you do, beware and take extra good care of your skin!
  • Your diet is also a causative factor of acne. Many people do not pay sufficient amount of attention to what they eat. They do not fulfill the nutritional pyramid and do not take in the required elements, vitamins and proteins and minerals. Thus, their skin gets affected by all this.

Signs And Symptoms Of Acne
Everyone knows about the signs and symptoms of acne. There can be nodules, pustules, pimples, spots, blackheads and whiteheads. But they have to be clustered and concentrated in a specific area. Otherwise, they will just be referred to as A whitehead or A blackhead. These are the major symptoms of acne.

The Most Annoying Sign Of Acne
The most annoying sign of acne is likely to be whiteheads. Some say it is pustules but at least the pustules can be the color of the skin. Whiteheads are really annoying to look at because their white pus oozing out can cause a lot of discomfort to the person looking. It can also make the person who has it, uncomfortable. Whiteheads are also more prominent than anything else. They are usually easier to spot from far away and this again is a bad thing for those who have acne. All in all, it causes the most discomfort both ways and many people try to conceal it.

The Least Annoying Sign Of Acne
This will be the opposite of whiteheads; blackheads. Blackheads are the least annoying sign of acne for all the opposite reasons of why whiteheads are the most annoying. Blackheads can easily be concealed and even if they are clustered in a single area, mostly around the nose, they can be dealt with quite quickly. By most people, blackheads are not even considered to be acne because of their difference from the other inflamed spots that can appear on the skin. However, because of the definition of the skin condition of acne, blackheads are also considered to cause acne. Nonetheless, they are the least annoying sign.

The Easiest Way To Deal With Acne
The easiest way to deal with acne…to be honest, there is no easy way to deal with acne. Everyone just has their own way. You can either do it right but having the perfect diet, taking care of the skin and drinking a lot of water or then wait for the magic to happen or you can treat it with creams or even herbal supplements. Either way, you will have to make the effort or you will have to wait. Curing acne does not happen overnight.

Stress can also cause acne. Even if you have a few whiteheads here and there, and even if they are the most annoying sign of acne, do not stress over it. You will probably aggravate the acne conditions further and that will not be good. Try to relax and then treat the problem.


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