Introduction And Background

Sometimes we are unaware of the people suffering around us. We can just their scars and wounds that or on their skin but skin deep suffering is rarely ever shown or taken seriously and that is a huge problem. Did you know that from the percentage of people who have acne, about eighty percent suffer from depression sometime during the duration of having this condition. And if they have acne scarring, it can lead up to change a lot and might even affect the way they live and their behavior. Read on further to know about the mental stress of acne.

Low Self-Confidence
Acne, as we all know, is not exactly a peachy skin condition. It can leave scars and pimples right on the face which lead people to have lower self-confidence. They automatically become more conscious of themselves and become unsure. You can see it clearly in a person who has acne, the from their actions and expressions. They are not as confident as other people would be and automatically shy away from any source of attention on them. And it is understood why they do that. Repeatedly mentioning; who would want to show their face, which according to them is distorted even if it really isn’t.

Anti-Social Behavior
Their behavior also changes, along with having low self-confidence. Sooner than later, they become extremely anti-social. Those who have acne rarely want to go to parties, they do not want to mingle and just want to stay at home and wallow in self pity. They suddenly become like that in a work place or an educational institute too, interacting less and less with their colleagues and mostly keeping to themselves. This can actually have a huge impact on their career as well as their social life.

What To Do…?
If you are a parent of a child who has acne, you must make the child understand that acne is not here to stay forever. It might be that the suffering might escape your notice and you might think your kid is fine but most of the time, he or she won’t be. Thus, you can change the despair of acne by boosting his confidence and ensuring that his actions do not change in public. Take him to a skin specialist even, if that makes things better for him.

If you are a friend of a person who has acne, then know that the friend will probably heed to your advice the most. There is nothing like a good ol pal removing his friend from the doom of an impending behavior. Try to talk him into taking good care of his skin and also tell him that the acne is not here to stay forever. Be understanding.

If you are the one who has acne, then do not worry about it at all. Forget all that you have ever heard and know that acne is very much curable. It does take time, yes, but it is not there to stay forever. Instead of stressing about acne and being depressed, which will probably make things worse, try to search for ways and methods to get rid of this skin condition. The sooner you start the healing process, the sooner you will be removing your acne.

Natural Ways Instilled To Power Up The Healing Process
Along with what the doctor told you, or whatever cream or ointment you are using for your acne problem, here are a few things you can instill in your daily life which will quicken up the healing process and also nourish your skin. We know that hygiene is especially important in circumstances like these but the inside also matters a lot. Here are a few things;

  • Try drinking a lot of water. We do not emphasize on the importance of water that much but the fact remains that those who drink a lot of it will rarely have bad skin or will rarely suffer from acne. An aunt drinks a lot of water. She is above fifty years old but her skin is the same as mine, minus a few wrinkles!
  • Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, especially those who have a high water content like watermelons. But they are necessary to detoxify your body and provide natural ailments for the skin.
  • Change your bed sheets every week. This thing, we almost never do and it is one of the leading causes of why we get acne. Spending the most time with your skin in touch with dirty sheets is bound to have an effect.

Do not ignore the mental stress of acne, there are people who have known to try and commit suicide because of it! Thus, if you have acne or if you know someone who has acne, just try and start up the healing process as quickly as you can and then give faith or have faith that it will be fine soon.


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