Introduction And Background

The skin is definitely a sensitive topic for those who do not have the perfect skin. For those who do, it is a blessing they often take for granted. Sometimes those who have perfect skin have worked hard for it but mostly it is because they are doing something right that they are not really aware of. Taking care of the skin is supposed to be a part of your routinely matter but life has gotten so busy that many do not really care or do not have the time to care about it until matters get out of hand. So many times it happens that we look at the mirror and suddenly say “Oh my god, look at my skin” with such disgust. There is a way out of all that though. Read on further.

The Strawberry Effect
We all know that strawberries are good for health. That automatically means that they must be good for the skin as well. They are a seasonal fruit and are extremely delicious and most people do not even mind having them, even those who do not really like fruits. Strawberries are considered to be the fruit of love but instead it should be considered as the fruit of skin! There are numerous people who eat strawberries and suddenly develop a more glowing skin and have less ridges and weird lines which are often present on the skin in the winter time when the skin is getting too dry.

The Benefits Of Strawberries For The Skin
Strawberries have numerous benefits for the skin. just read the article further to see what kind of benefits. It can be that by the end you will be running for a basket of strawberries to eat!

  • Strawberries have anti-oxidants and have the power to erase the acne and even the oiliness that is often present on the skin. Oily skin is often the root cause of the problem and if the strawberries manage to sort that out, you will not be facing any more problems anytime soon.
  • They make your skin look younger and gives smoothness to it that you will never have encountered before.
  • They make your skin beautiful.
  • They help reduce the puffiness beneath the eyes which automatically bring a more pleasant look to your entire face.
  • They improve the complexion and the skin tone and also induce your body to get rid of the bacteria that can easily cause damage or even cause acne in worst care scenarios.
  • Eating strawberries also give you the power to fight with the rays of the sun. They help guard your skin against ultraviolet radiations that can easily burn your skin or cause freckles and spots to darken and become more permanent than they already are.
  • Strawberries also cleanse the skin from the inside as well as the outside.
  • Believe it or not, eating strawberries also delay the aging process.
  • Strawberries help in skin renewal processes too.

Forms Of Strawberries
There are different forms in which you can have strawberries. Some can eat them raw on a plate and will not mind while they are too sweet and juicy for others. But you can have strawberries in any method that you like. Some eat them mixed in dishes with other foods while some eat them in the form of juices and shakes. Some who do not even like to eat strawberries make some sort of face mask or paste that can help in fighting off acne and give a beautiful looking skin in the process. It is safe to say that strawberries, no matter in which form they are taken, will perform the same function smoothly and correctly.

Other Benefits
Strawberries not only deal with the skin but have a part to play in other things as well. They are extremely good for hair growth. Some people eat them just to develop healthy and more gorgeous hair. Other benefits also include the renewal of skin. If the skin is cracking too much, especially beneath the feet, most people make scrubs and then apply it around the feet or beneath it. It helps to soothe and it and to make the skin alright after a few times of applying it. Strawberry masks are also applied on the face to get rid of wrinkles and give an appeasing glow to the overall skin.

Basically, you should either be eating strawberries right now in any form you like or you should be planning to head out and buy some right away. Strawberries are extremely good for the skin and provide an excellent natural aroma that is badly needed in times where everything has become too artificial. Eat or drink your strawberries and try keeping that healthy skin you were meant to have.


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