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Acne is, perhaps, one of the commonest skin disorders that affects hundreds of thousands of individuals on a global level. While primarily a disease of skin, acne can affect one’s psychological or mental behaviour to a great extent because of its severity, chronicity (duration) and associated risks. The following article will help you understand some of the most interesting facts associated with acne. Read on to discover:


Some interesting acne facts

1- Acne does not improve just by washing your face frequently.  Many people believe that because acne occurs due to the clogged pores, applying water and soap will help open those blocked skin pores. This is, however, not the case.  A cobined effort consisting of anti-inflammatory medication, moisturiser and hydrating agent is often needed.

2-Most of the time, acne is caused due to excessive make up or using low-quality cosmetics. These things, however, may increase the risk of or aggravate the already existing acne.

3- Using too many allopathic medications can actually make acne even worse. The best strategy, therefore, is to use safe and natural herbal alternatives and wait for the results.

4- About 98% dermatologists *skin specialists) say that many patients discontinue their acne treatment if they do not see their desired results right away. However, it must be needed that at least 8 weeks are needed to witness any initial results by using clinical or medical drugs.

5- Almost all cases of acne will produce itching at some stage or grade of the disease. In almost all such cases, scratching your skin to relieving the “itch feeling” will actually aggravate  your acne. It is, therefore better to avoid it.

6- Although previously thought as an incurable disease, scientists are now changing their opinion about acne progression and complete management.  It is now believed that if, caught early and treated properly, acne is fully treatable and manageable.

7- Acne usually occurs at the age of 11 years (for girls) and 13 to 14 years (for boys). This clearly indicates that it has something to do with puberty or early adolescence.

8- Herbalists and naturopaths and even clinical / medical healthcare providers now have a consensus that to treat a complex and chronic disease such as acne, a “combination therapy” is needed which would target and treat all the aspects of acne simultaneously.

9- There is no “known” way to prevent the occurrence or development of acne. However, once it occurs, its outbreaks or complications can be prevented.

10- Acne has strong tendency to run in a family. So, if your parents or someone close in the family had acne, chances are that you may also get it at some stage of your life. It, however, does not mean that you will also necessarily have the same type, severity and duration of  acne.

11- Some of the major risk factors associated with acne development include family history of acne, oily skin,  frequent application of low quality cosmetics and puberty. It must, however, be remembered that these  factors do not ’cause” acne. They just increase ones chances of having this disease at some point of his / her life.

12-Contrary to the popular belief, acne is not just the disease of girls / women and actually occurs very frequently in males as well.

13- Again,as opposed to the common belief, acne is not only the disease of teenagers or adolescents  It can occur during any stage or age of one’s life (even in elderly people as well).

14- Today, because of their multiple benefits such as multiplicity of components / ingredients, nature / purity, safety (no risk of side effects), price ( affordability) and online availability, acne herbal treatment kits are now considered as one of the first line therapies against acne.

15- A typical combination herbal acne treatment kit consists of 4 to 5 components that will all act simultaneously and synergistically to augment each other’s effects. This results in quick improvements in the signs and symptoms of acne.

16- Most of such acne kits come with full money back guarantee and, hence, eliminate the risk of losing any money. You should be , however, careful enough to choose and buy such products only from credible and trusted sources.

17- As of today, no single “medical or clinical” drug has been considered or recommended as the complete or permanent treatment of acne.

18- One of the best advantages of  getting the recommended herbal acne kits is the fact that they can be easily and securely bought online.


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