Introduction And Background

Turn your brain to the scientific side for a little while and understand something. The skin is not a plain sheet. It has small holes that are barely visible to the eye. They are called pores. Some people have very evident and clear pores and they show quite visibly. Mostly, they cannot be seen. The size of the pores and the quantity varies within every individual. Sometimes it is even due to genetics that the size and quantity of the pores are decided. These pores are responsible for a very important function for the skin and for human health in general. Read further to know more about the role that these pores play.

Why Pores Are Present In The Skin?

The pores are present in the skin to let substances out. If the skin were to be a plain sheathed barrier, it would cause a lot of problems to the human body, especially if it heated up too quickly or was exposed to a hot atmosphere for too long. For this reason, these pores are present in the skin to provide relief and protection on many levels. Without these pores, the skin would have suffered terribly.

Functions Of The Pores

Now you’ll read about the function that these pores performs. Since you already know that they are there to let things out, now you’ll know what it is and why.
• The pores are present to let the sweat out on the skin. Everyone knows we sweat under heated conditions and when the body needs to cool down. This is how it cools down. When a lot of heat is generated and the body needs to regulate the temperature back to the norm, it secretes sweat so that the watery substance settles on the skin and provides the cooling process where it evaporates and lowers the temperature of the body by doing so. Without this phenomenon, death can even occur. The body can only function at a certain temperature and if that temperature exceeds which is possible if one does not sweat in overheated conditions then one can even die from a heat stroke.
• The sebaceous glands underneath the skin also secrete oil from these pores onto the skin. The oil that comes out from these pores serves various purposes. It provides lubrication to the skin so it does not become too dry and scaly as it can often lead to itchiness, irritation and even rashes. It also removes the dead skin cells and nourishes the hair present on the skin. It sort of provides another barrier too because a layer of oil is now settled on the skin.
• Pores are also used for excretion of different kinds of fluids, among which sweat and oil are also there. They remove the toxic waste from the body as well but rarely happens and in small amounts which is washed away while showering or cleaning.

The Damage That Can Occur Because Of These Pores

The pores present on the skin may serve functions that are absolutely vital to the human body to survive and live and healthy life. But they can be pretty dangerous as well if one is not too careful about cleaning or hygiene. Why do people keep saying that they need face washes that can deep cleanse the pores of their skin so that they can be free from any threat of breakout of acne or pimples and zits? It is because these pores can truly cause such damage. They need to be taken care of at important levels. You know that they release oil and sweat on to their skin, two things that are not exactly the cleanest things. Sweat is salty and contains a bit of urea as well and the oil is a perfect placement for bacteria to settle down. This way, chances of acne are really high. One really needs to be careful about cleaning their skin properly and not letting the oil or the sweat settle for longer periods of time because it can cause one of the worst skin conditions that every teenager and adult fears: Acne. If one has large pores and knows that they are possibly more vulnerable to skin conditions because their oil secretion will be greater than most people, then they should take great care in cleaning the pores with a good face wash.


The function of the pores are important and without it, as said above, even death can occur. So do not be afraid of these pores just because they have the capability of causing acne. Even bad foods and deficiency of water in the diet can cause acne so the pores are not to be blamed, as long as you take good care of them.



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