Protection, absorption, sensation, regulation & production

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it plays a vital role in maintaining your health and wellness. It’s wonderfully resilient and can survive a great deal of punishment. The skin is the body’s boundary layer, tough enough to resist all sorts of environmental assaults, yet sensitive enough to feel the slightest touch. The skin creates the first line of defense against possible invasion of bacteria and germs, while maintaining the body’s internal environment within a few degrees of normal throughout our lifetime. It also gives you ability to “sense” things. Following are the top 5 tasks or functions that your skin performs for your body and health:

acne skin functions

1- Protection: Your skin is a unique and remarkable organ that is the outer covering of the body. Hence, your skin tries to protect you from germs that can make you sick. It also provides protection of deeper tissue from chemicals, bacteria, bumps, and drying.

2- Absorption & elimination: As the largest digestive organ of the body, the skin provides the functions of both absorption and elimination. This process can work for or against us, depending on the products we apply to the skin. Just like eating “junk food,” junk skin care products can produce negative effects. Conversely, eating a healthy organic diet and using healthy, organic skin care products as “skin food” will increase the health, beauty, and vibrancy of our skin.

3- Sensation: Our skin tells us how things feel when we touch them. For example, our skin can tell us when we are touching something dangerous (something really hot or sharp). One square inch of skin contains millions of cells as well as many specialized nerve endings for sensing heat, cold, and pain.

4- Regulation: Your skin also serves as a heat regulator; sweating when you are hot allows the water to evaporate and cool the skin. When your body is chilled, the vessels become narrowed and decrease the flow of blood through the skin to reduce heat loss.

5- Production: Your skin makes Vitamin D in response to sun exposure. Vitamin D is a crucial part of the way your body handles the essential nutrients calcium and phosphorus in your diet. As a result, it is critical to the development and maintenance of bone strength. The amount of vitamin D produced from sun exposure varies based on skin type, use of skin protection, length of sun exposure, season of the year, and time of day.

Acne and its effect on skin functions
You must remember your skin is one of the key organs of your body that works hard for you day and night. Acne, being a disease of pimples, pustules and scars, can severely impact or even completely halt the above-mentioned vital functions of your skin. You should, therefore, work hard to protect your skin by giving it best care and preventing it from various issues and problems such as acne. In fact, it’s natural to want to improve your skin and yet it’s not always easy especially if you have acne. The good news is, with the right herbal supplement and its proper and regular application and use, smooth, healthy skin is achievable.

How to choose the best acne supplement to maintain skin functions
You must remember that many common acne-related skin problems are linked to an excessive build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria. This not only congests pores, but also makes the skin thick, rough and dull-looking. You should, therefore, choose the most suitable and safe anti-acne supplement that will, in addition to treating acne lesions, will also help your skin appear healthier, plumper, tighter and more radiant. Finally, it will also protect the skin from oxidative damage, decreasing sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, and preventing dryness and pimple formation in acne.

Using a quality skin care and safe product is essential to skin health during acne treatment. Therefore, dermatologists (skin specialists) and naturopaths recommend using only advanced, results-oriented skincare products, formulated to help prevent and treat your skin’s problems. The following research-based comparative review features some of such high quality products that support and enhance acne recovery for radiant, vibrant and long-lasting results. The following page will also give you a brief overview of the action and functions of various components of each of the top-selling anti-acne skin care systems.




  1. Hello, using a safe quality skin care product is indeed essential to skin health during acne treatment, my dermatologist advised to experiment with different methods of acne treatment to find what works best, as everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.


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