Funnily enough, you’d think that this world has walking dolls around that giant females might have played with. Every single woman on this planet has to eat and breathe around cosmetics. It is all they ever think about and are interested in. They forget that they aren’t plastic or porcelain dolls but actually living and breathing human beings. Human beings that have a skin that is sensitive and should be taken care of. So the question is; should you really be playing with your skin?


What women should know about cosmetics

You don’t have to be a ground breaking genius or a brilliant scientist to know that all the stuff you are putting on your skin is not good for it. Beauty is important but your skin should not be paying the price. Nor should it be suffering in the process of it. Why do girls have more acne and skin conditions than boys? It is this way because girls do not stay as natural as boys do. The moment they can get their hands on some sort of cosmetics or make-up of any kind, all they want to do is dress up and play pretty. What women should know about cosmetics is that too much of it is going to harm your skin. By the time you reach a certain age, looking at your skin without make-up is going to become unbearable! And then, how much of it will you put on your entire life? It is not as good as many would think. This is not an agenda against cosmetic companies. It is just an advice.


What to do then?

Of course, living in such a world without beautification is almost impossible. It has become as necessary as breathing and walking. And not just for the female population. A number of men, especially in the fashion or entertainment industry, put almost as much make-up on as women. In other words, it is unavoidable. The things you can do in these situations are:

• Try keeping up the natural look. You’d be surprised how fresh it would look after putting artificial things on your face all the time.
• If you really want to wear make-up, wear it for a short period of time. Do not make it a habit of putting it on in the workplace because that means for the next eight to ten hours you would be with it.
• Take it off carefully and smoothly when you wash your face. Being gentle is important otherwise it could roughen up your skin in the process.
• Buy make-up that is made up of natural substances. Some companies and brands have released loads of stuff that is skin friendly. It does not harm your skin much.
• Put it on lightly. Do not over do it. Because your skin ages quickly if you aren’t careful and you need to take precautions to make sure that does not happen.
• Eat the right diet. If you cannot abstain from putting on layers of cosmetics, at least compensate by eating the right nutrients for a healthy skin.

What happens if you play too much

The importance of taking care of your skin is pretty well known. Mothers tell their daughters to take care of themselves all the time and to keep a proper diet. But then when the time is gone and skin conditions develop, they really get worried. Pimples arrive and dark spots and blackheads and pretty soon, a severe case of acne is what you’ve got on your hands (figuratively speaking). In times like these, do not put any more chemicals to make the situation worse. It is better to turn to the natural method of things; a herbal treatment process. Here, natural acne kits made of herbs and natural ingredients will treat your skin and nourish it as well. What is more, they are quite affordable; much more affordable than all the cosmetics and other treatment creams. They have no side effects too and the components of the kit are able to treat the acne at any stage whether it is mild, severe or just developing. It is good not to play too much. But if you have, then you know how to make it right.


  1. I take online cleasss because of my acne ;(. My acne is not bad I have breakouts here and there and its mostly just scars that are left but it still really gets to me because I have high standards for myself and if I am not feeling or looking perfect I will not leave the house which is often nowadays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope proactive works for me.


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