Introduction And Background

We often tend to think of acne as something that happened due to clogged pores. We also think of it as more of a teenage condition. While it may be more common in teenagers, it is not restricted to teenagers only. However, what is the reason for this common occurrence? What really causes acne to occur? When someone gets acne, they are generally more concerned about treating it as fast as possible, which is what they should be doing anyway. But very few people would get into the causes of acne or to find out the reason why they got acne in the first place. In this article, we will be discussing one of those reasons and a very important one at that.

The Role Of Sex Hormones In Acne
Another word for sex hormones is the word androgens and they play a pivotal role in the development of acne. To understand this more simply, you should know that so vital are they in the occurrence of acne that if they did not exist, the chances of acne happening would bolster down a lot! There are of course other causes of acne happening but this is one of the major ones. Now another question which was mentioned in the introduction above was about teenagers being at an age group where acne occurrence is more common than any other. The reason behind this is that during puberty, a lot of hormonal changes are occurring in the body. The sex hormones are also developing which leads to other factors and changes. There is growth of hair and then there is also the secretion of sebum which is an oil that the skin generally secretes. Since this begins at a generally higher rate, the skin is often not used to all these changes that are taking place inside out and the reaction which it generally gives is the development of acne. The sebaceous glands are the glands inside the skin which secrete the sebum and they are most generally present around the face and other regions. You will never get acne on your arms or your feet. Why is that so? Because there are no sebaceous glands present there and sex hormones will not affect those particular areas.

How Do The Sex Hormones Cause Acne To Happen?
Aside from all the changes they bring and how the body reacts to it, sex hormones circulate in the blood. Sometimes the levels of the hormones in the blood are elevated and the body reacts to it automatically by some sort of inflammation or more secretion of sebum which can easily block the pores. We all know what blocked pores mean! In women especially, androgens are the most common factor behind their acne issues and problems. The growth of facial hair can also cause problems for them as hair growth means more bacteria can settle there and the chances of clogged pores increases even more. Everything is slightly interlinked to one another but they all lead back to the same thing; sex hormones can result in acne. But of course, without sex hormones a lot of abnormalities in the body can occur. One has to live with it.

Other Reasons For Acne To Happen
There are various other reasons for acne to happen. Other than the excess oil and the clogged pores that is caused by androgen hormones, stress is also one of the top reasons. Pregnancy is another reason. Sometimes acne happens due to side effects of some medicine like thyroid medications or steroids which are kind of hard for the body to handle and some sort of reaction does take place. Cosmetics and skin care products also cause acne to happen but that again is due to the clogged pores. You have to be really careful in order to prevent acne.

How Can One Prevent Acne From Happening?
There are various methods in which you can prevent acne from happening. Some of them are written below:

  • Try and keep your face clean. Even if the inside is being affected, you can fight your battles from the outside!
  • It is better to check all your cosmetics and make-up appliances and to check that they are clean. It is best if you do not share them with anyone as germs can transfer and bacteria can settle, causing acne.
  • Your diet is very important in this matter. It can prevent acne from happening from the inside as well as the outside!
  • Drink a lot of water and get plenty of sleep to get the body system working fine!

Sometimes you can do everything you can and acne still happens. It happens with most teenagers who are going through their puberty and now they know which kind of hormones to blame!



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