Introduction And Background

We’ve heard the phrase countless times that we are a reflection of what we eat. As science has advanced and so has our knowledge about all kinds of things, you’ll come to realize how true this actually is. Our skin is not only the protective covering of the body; it has a life of its own. It does not remain as it is throughout your life and actually grows and refines itself. Read on further and you’ll know what the actual relationship between your diet and acne is.

Does Diet Affect Acne?
The clear answer to that is; yes it does. If you have acne and have researched about the treatment methods then you’ll know this very well. Almost every single time, some article or method will be telling you to set your diet right as it counts a lot in healing the skin. So if the diet can heal the skin, it can also prevent acne in the first place, right? A lot of people keep using creams and other kinds of medications to set the skin straight. What they don’t do or lack interest in is to have a proper and healthy diet which can actually reflect on their skin.

How Does Diet Affect Acne?
Now that you know diet affects acne, read on further to actually see how it actually does affect acne. The trick is to remember what kind of foods and liquids are good for you and then to start eating them. It’s better if you heal your skin naturally and from the inside than apply artificial things to it all the time.

  • You’ll notice that people who eat a lot of sweet things or drink a lot of fizzy drinks have a little sallow looking skin. It can have acne, it cannot have acne but the truth is that if the skin does have acne, it can get aggravated by these foods. A lot of sugary and carbonated drinks make our body do extra work as there are no healthy nutrients to be selected, only some to be disposed of. That means our body produces waste products more than the usual range and that can really affect the skin.
  • Water is essentially the best thing in life. It keeps you satiated, it keeps you alive and it can very well cure acne and prevent it in the first place. All the reactions in your body need a medium to take place and the medium is usually water. It keeps your body less toxic and also prevents it from going into dehydration mode which can really affect the skin! Unless acne is in your genes, it is sometimes a guaranteed fact that you will not get acne if you drink more than your fair share of water. Relish in this.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They have the important nutrients to give your skin the healthy and fresh look it deserves. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and they do not produce as much uric acid as protein high foods. The vitamins are antioxidants in nature which can really help your body reduce the toxicity building up inside. The minerals can aid to proper and aided blood flow circulation which is again vital for good skin health.

If One Improves Only The Diet, Can It Cure Acne?
This question has been asked by a lot nature loving people who have been riddled with acne but are not really in the favor of applying some sort of cream or lotion on their face, even if it has been proven to be free of any side effects. The true answer to this would be yes but also bear a few things in mind along with it. If you only improve your diet and eat the things which are good for the skin, it can cure acne. But be ready to tolerate the process for a very long time. Curing things naturally might be the best way to go about things but it is definitely not the fastest way. It can heal your acne scars and might even ensure that another breakout of acne does not happen but you should be aware that it might take a long time to cure acne, even a year.

To understand the relationship between diet and acne, you have to realize the reactions your body has to certain kinds of food. You have to know that the skin responds positively to some kind of foods while it can react negatively to others. Your diet can either prevent your acne from happening or if it doesn’t do that, it can either aggravate your acne or heal it. It is up to you to decide which path to take with the diet you eat.


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