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Acne is the commonest skin disorder in the whole world. Each year, it affects millions of individuals worldwide.  The consequences of the various clinical manifestations of acne are very bothersome and often leave permanent impact on an individual’s personal life. While we all know the physical manifestations of acne, little is talked about the “psychological or mental” effects or consequences that acne can leave on an individual’s personal or social life. The following article is intended to discuss some of these psycho-social complications related with acne. read on to discover more:

Main psychological effects of acne

Dermatologists and psychiatrists (doctors of mental disease) have mentioned the following frequently occurring mental effects of acne.

A feeling of loneliness : Whenever a person gets acne, the first feeling is that of isolation or loneliness  Rest assured, you are not the only who has got this problem.  There are millions of people in the whole world who get and suffer from acne across the globe. Also, it is not a contagious disease and other people would not catch it from you, ever. Therefore, you should keep interacting with other people pretty much in the same way like you used to, previously.

A feeling of getting an incurable disease: This is merely a myth. Until and unless you do not seek treatment ever, acne is a perfectly treatable and manageable disease.  All you need to do is take care of your skin with some good treatment and avoid exposure to anything that will aggravate your symptoms.

A feeling of unworthiness: If you have got acne, you have as much right on the pleasures and passion of this life and world as much as everyone else has. Don’t act like a sick person. You didn’t get acne on your own choice and its is certainly not a crime or anything illegal. You should move forward and do something positive.

Life has no value: Again, nothing is more previous in your life than your own life. You should value it. You should realize how much lucky you are. Acne is not a cancer, AIDS or hepatitis C. you must remember the fact that there are millions of people who are still living in the world with actual “fatal” disease and are still very much hopeful and are spending their lives with a sheerly positive attitude.

Negative thoughts: With acne, another common problem is that of being bombarded with negative thoughts such as ” I would never get rid of acne, it would never leave me, it will destroy my social life, it will leave permanent scars on my face etc.,.. Remember  you are not the only one with this problem. If you search on internet, you will find hundreds of success stories of people who were able to completely get rid of their acne problem.  Also, make friends who are positive and who courage you to seek good in life. Also, avoid people who are always negative and they will never turn to be productive for you.


All in all, like everything else, the severity and treatment of acne is directly related to your own willingness to resolve it completely and your overall attitude in and about life. If you are positive about your goals of life, then acne treatment is certainly possible and you can, once again, appear and look like the way you used to, before getting acne. All you need is to have a positive thinking and use a recommended natural herbal acne treatment kit. Fortunately, there are quite a few good and recommended acne treatment kits that will take care every of your acne-related issue and will help you resolve every sign and symptom associated with acne.


  1. Drink at least a litre of spring or miraenl water each day. It really does help, and you need to flush out toxins from your body which often use the skin as a dumping ground. They main key to clear skin is frequent scrubbing with plain soap, morning and night. I cannot stress that enough, most supposed anti-acne treatments and face washes do not work efficiently enough to remove dirt, grime and bacteria that lurks beneath skin as good scrubbing with soap does. An affordable but very effective product is Clean and Clear’s Deep Pore Treatment Lotion. Also use a plain, but rich moisturiser such as the original Nivea Cream. Clay masks weekly before you got to bed are most effective for acne prone skin and combination skin types. You may also want to drink hot water with a couple of thick slices of lemon before bedtime a couple of times a week, or during a bad skin period as it helps clear it from the inside-out. Hope this helps.


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