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Updated 2018: Although popular, Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments – From the research that we conducted, we found that Exposed Skin Care is the most recommended acne treatment in the market today.


1. By sending you products every two months, the company encourages you to continue using it (after all, it’s already paid for) even when you don’t have a breakout, we saw some bad user reviews about this method
2. Read the user reviews in the bottom of this page to understand why Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments
3. We found other products that score better then Proactiv and have better user reviews


1. Although popular, Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments
2. Proactiv has been around for a long time and their reputation is well based.
3. It contains number of Ingredients known for their efficacy in curing acne (but not as much as Exposed Skin Care our top rated acne treatment)

Updated 2018: Proactiv is a well-known, celebrity endorsed acne treatment system, but it is not our top pick for 2018. We quoted some of the latest reviews from Amazon (Verified Purchases) both good and bad reviews:

“It didnt even work. We took pictures every day …”

“Never again!” “Great products, happy customer”

“BUY ELSEWHERE!! Tiny bottles! Not a fair price for what is otherwise a great product.”

“Not for ALL types of acne”

“Great product, horrible size!”

At the time of this writing our experts ranked Exposed Skin care as the top acne treatment for 2018. you can read here Exposed Skin Care reviews . You can see how Proactiv ranked comparing to other well known acne treatment at this review of best acne treatment.

Proactiv Solution is one of the most popular acne-fighting products available on the market today. The main reason is that Proactiv invests huge $$ in advertising (it doesn’t mean that Proactiv is the best acne treatment out there). Proactiv Solution was developed by a couple of doctors who have personal knowledge of the suffering that acne can cause.

A careful review of each of the components of Proactiv reveals that almost all of the components and ingredients used in Proactiv are general, typical and bear standard quality. Although popular, Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments – From the research that we conducted, we found that Exposed Skin Care is the most recommended acne treatment in the market today.

Check how Proactiv Compares Against Our Top Scoring Acne Treatments:

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Ranking#1 *Editor's Choice*#2#3#4#5
SCIENTIFIC ACTIVES & Skin Repairing Ingredients:
Benzoyl Peroxide Kills Acne Bacteria
Salicylic Acid Unclogs Pores
Glycolic Acid Renews Skin
Sulfur Dries Sebum
Azelaic Acid Normalizes Skin
NATURAL EXTRACTS Proven to Heal Skin:
Green Tea Kills Acne Bacteria
Passion Flower Reduces Inflammation
Aloe VeraSoothes Irritated Skin
Sage ExtractFights Free Radicals
Gotu-Kola Improves Skin Healing
Good For:
Normal Skin
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin
Costumer Reviews
Price (60-day supply)$49.95$79.97$53.99$59.95$39.90
Official Website Visit Exposed SiteVisit Zenmed SiteVisit ClearPores Site

READ CAREFULLY: In a comprehensive survey of acne products, we examined which treatments on the market today answer the following three criteria:

  • Contains the chemical compounds (treatment ingredient) known to medicine today and proven to prevent and cure acne.
  • Contains natural compounds known for their efficacy as natural cures for acne and as compounds that soothe the skin and give it a clean and fresh appearance.
  • Received the highest rating in the user reviews that we gathered.

We found that the product that is most efficient and most recommended for treating acne is: Exposed Skin Care.

Read Exposed Skin Care Reviews

How Proactiv compares against our top scoring acne treatments

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See our Staff Review of Exposed Skin Care


By sending you products every two months, the company encourages you to continue using it (after all, it’s already paid for) even when you don’t have a breakout, we saw some bad user reviews about this method for example you can the following reviews from

proactiv reviews

See our Staff Review of Exposed Skin Care

This helps prevent new acne, which is better than treating pimples you have. However, for long term, Proactiv can be expensive. The active ingredients in Proactiv can be purchased separately for less money than if you paid for the Proactiv brand.

While acne most often haunts people who are in their teen years, it can haunt some people for many years afterwards. Proactiv Solution is designed to fight moderate acne at any age. It even fights off whiteheads, pustules, and blackheads.

Proactiv Solution is a complete three-step system to fight acne. You use Proactiv Solution’s three-step process each morning and each evening to ensure that you are fighting acne at every level throughout the day. The Proactiv Solution is not a complicated system to use. You simply start with the Renewing Cleanser, follow it up with the Revitalizing Toner, and then finish with the Repairing Lotion.

Of course, Proactiv Solution all starts with proven acne fighting agents. Acne fighting staple benzoyl peroxide is found in both the cleanser and the lotion. Witch hazel is the special ingredient that is found in the toner. The benzoyl peroxide is a proven fighter of blackheads and blemishes, while the witch hazel is a special ingredient that is able to clear the skin of impurities and dead skin cells, and remove excess oils from the skin pores. When combined with the other soothing botanicals found in Proactiv Solution, these special Ingredients leave you with younger looking skin that is often cleared of acne within a week.

You can purchase a 60-day supply of the entire Proactiv Solution kit straight from the manufacturer. You can purchase a one-month supply for only $19.95. A two-month supply of the Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and the Repairing Lotion costs only $39.95. Additionally, the Proactiv Solution kit comes with some bonuses right now, including a daily oil control lotion, an oil free moisturizer, and a refining mask.

 We found that the product that is most efficient and most recommended for treating acne is: Exposed Skin Care.


1. Although popular, Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments
2. Proactiv has been around for a long time and their reputation is well based.
3. It contains number of Ingredients known for their efficacy in curing acne (but not as much as Exposed Skin Care our top rated acne treatment)


1. By sending you products every two months, the company encourages you to continue using it (after all, it’s already paid for) even when you don’t have a breakout, we saw some bad user reviews about this method
2. Read the user reviews in the bottom of this page to understand why Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments
3. We found other products that score better then Proactiv and have better user reviews

Proactive Reviews

Summary: Updated 2018: Although popular, Proactiv did not score in our Top 3 acne treatments – From the research that we conducted, we found that Exposed Skin Care is the most recommended acne treatment in the market today.

$19.95 to $39.95
RatingRated 3 stars



    I canceled my membership from them over a year ago and they are still charging me and sending me shit. They refused to let me get out of my membership. Their products don’t even work. These people are impossible and terrible. I will be suing them

  2. I first ordered the trial pack back in Jan of 2015. It was ok, not worth paying for, so I cancelled the account. In April of 2015 I got a package from them and since I did not return it, I paid even though I didn’t order it and the account was cancelled. Re cancelled the account. In July of 2015 they sent me ANOTHER unwanted package from a twice cancelled account charging me $138.41 USD (I did not give them a credit card thank goodness). This time I got smart and didn’t even accept it from the post office, just returned it straight to sender. For 2 years now I have been fighting them, they have wrecked my credit by bringing in a collections agency.
    I got another letter today saying I owed this money and I have had ENOUGH! I called them and they were rude and unwilling to help, spoke to a supervisor who said we didn’t get it back, you owe us and the collection agency will get it. I am freaking out by this time. Then LIGHTBULB….TRACKING !!! I called back and spoke nicely and asked for the tracking number. I was told they use Landmark Global to send packages and I got the tracking number. While they were on the phone I was on my computer tracking the package. Low and behold PROOF I sent the package back and they received it!!! I took screenshots of the proof and kind of lost it. I demanded another supervisor and he tried to tell me I had 6 months to dispute the charges!! Are you KIDDING ME?!?! I told him I had proof, he didn’t care. It was only when I threatened to sue and add pain and suffering for the 2 years of hell they put me through did things finally change in my favor. Now, they say my account is clear and if I want to order again….LMAO as if i would ever order from them again…they assured me that they would contact the collection agency and set things right. I said if I got another letter from them, or the agency, I was suing anyway… Do Not Buy from Proactive!!! PLEASE

    • im having this same problem right now. I canceled over a year ago and I’m still dealing with them now. I’m likely going to call the cops for this fraud and going to sue them.

  3. Hi, Let me start off by saying my name is Tammy and I have used every product out there with no success.

    I was recently recommended to try Clear about a month ago from a friend. I use this product twice a day after I wash my face, It is a clear serum and I put it right on my face. My face has cleared right up and it only cost 34.00!!!!!! This stuff is amazing – I am about to order my second bottle, but I don’t see any reviwess on this site for it, so I thought I would let you know what I use

    you can find their website on line it shows vivereprocare on the bottle

  4. would recommend people to never buy this! maybe the product is ok.. not worth the money.. but the service is horrible!!!
    I ordered a product in september 2014 and returned it immediately as it was just automatically sent and I did not order it! they said its 60 day return and money back!
    NOW after 2yrs they call me back to say I need to pay an additional 45$ late fee!!

  5. Got this for my daughter and 3 months later they bill me £65. BEWARE they automatically put you on a rolling contract which you have to cancel over the phone.

  6. I heard from a friend that she tried Proactive despite not having many blemishes all because she heard of another person who had glowing skin from it. She raved about it saying it made her skin glow and appear hydrated. I was very curious. I myself have consistently had clear skin my entire life, with a rare blemish, but my skin is dull and dry, so hoping it would help improve my skin I thought I’d try it.

    I bought it during a trail offer. I used it daily for a month exactly as directed. It made no difference at all.

    I called to cancel and return it, and the customer service person told me no one ever returned it before. Total lie of course.
    I returned all that remained and cancelled my subscription to their product. I did NOT receive a refund (as they advertised refund for dissatisfaction) but in addition they continued to charge my credit card each month after, though they never sent anything else. I contacted Proactive multiple times about it and they assured me every time I would receive a refund and the charges would stop immediately though they never did.
    In the end I had to contact my credit card directly and had Proactive blocked from charging me again.

    Don’t believe the hype. Total waste of time, money, and customer service is non-existent. Proactive stole money from me, they are nothing but liars and thieves.


  8. The customer service rep didnt explain everything, then when my two kids had a bad reaction to the wash, I called and canceled my accounts. They only canceled one account, and not the other, then I still kept getting bills from them. When I called customer service again, they told me I was suppose to mail it back. They NEVER EVER told me that. Im livid, I should not have to pay for something I cant use. Now its pass the 60 days, which they never told me about, and they told me I still have to pay. I will never ever buy another guthie renker product or pro active again.

  9. YOUNG ADULT USERS ESPECIALLY – when I first started using this product it made my acne WAY worse for about 30 days. I was so frustrated and couldn’t understand why. However, I got the new 90 day supply in the mail and decided to try it just a little longer. So I followed the directions to the letter. I counted the seconds while I washed my face for 2 minutes. Then I used the pore targeting treatment regardless of whether I had active break outs. I used it in the areas that I’m more prone. Then I liberally applies the moisturizer. Morning and night. And within a week, I had less new acne. My old acne was fading. My skin was no longer dry and peeling. It was perfect. I love this product. Just stick with it, follow the instructions, and remember no acne treatment has immediate results and gratification. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  10. This company is nothing but a bunch of thieves. I canceled my account and rejected the package when it arrived at my house three weeks ago. They just deducted another payment from my account for a cancelled product.They say it takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive the box back and i have to wait until then to get my refund money back and until they process the return they will continue to deduct from my account. Just to let everyone know “That is illegal.” Just got off the phone from my bank who will press fraud charges on them for deducting from my account after the authorization to do so was revoked by cancellation. If you are dealing with these people make sure you keep your cancellation e-mail and cal your bank and have fraud charges brought on this company.

  11. well I woke up to get me some proactive and I thought someone replaced it with llama poop. I said oh lord Jesus my face is melting. I ran to my daddy aint put on a shirt or nothin. I ran for my life. then I tripped over the proactive tube and fell on my face. it scrubbed the proactive off my face and I saw the results… MY FACE WAS 182939183 TIMES WORSE THAN HOW IT WAS WHEN I STARTED I need new face wash. this llama poop so called “proactive” is the worst thing I have ever used and ive even tried real poop and it got rid of at least one zit. this just added. lesson learned: recoment proactive to ya enemies. >:)

  12. I have tried many acne treatments, and I have only one thing to say: Proactiv was the worst.
    When I began using this product, my skin looked flawless and oil-free. I was completely satisfied (for the first time) with my skin. That was, until I noticed red spots popping up on my face, and, being a naïve 10 year old, I thought the problem was because I used too much. But,
    did using less work? Nope. In fact, it made my skin much, much worse. I looked like Rudolph, and was the only 10 year old with acne as bad as a 16 year old boy going through puberty. Yikes! I stopped using the product altogether, thinking this would help, but the effects weren’t just short term. Proactiv had stripped my skin of it’s natural oils, so I was condemned to live an oily life. And it has certainly caught up with me, so much as I was asked if I had ran a marathon when I was eating in a restaurant. It was humiliating. But, I have moved on to greater acne products.
    I now use Cetaphil, and it has helped me both physically and emotionally. I am not afraid to walk out of my house to go to school. I am not afraid of people who point out my bad acne (now that it is controlled). Though I still live with acne as bad as a Rosacea patient, I am not completely ashamed of myself.
    I know you all may think, she is just exaggerating, but I have proof that my acne is worse: I have an imbalance in my hormones that makes me have acne 10x worse than your average teen. So yes, I may be a 14 year old girl with bad acne, but I am a 14 year old girl who has it under control. So, while my friends live acne free until they reach puberty, I will have pimples until I turn 60. So, I might as well get used to these puss-filled blemishes, cause they are here to stay.
    The irony: I am becoming a dermatologist.

  13. Ok, ok so their customer service does suck. they try to sell you all kinds of other products and have teamed up with everything from make up to shampoo companies to do add ons. It IS very hard to cancel since i canceled once and they charged me one more time for no reason. Everyone who orders should know you will be placed on automatic shipment and automatic billing of 39.95 a month. so i will admit that all of this sucks, but it is worth it because my skin was crap without Proactive. I am back on it now and still love it. It does work very well FOR ME but it is true that your skin can “get used to it” and it doesnt work as well long term. that is why i got off to let my skin lose its immunity, then got back on. thats my best plan for now. no other product has worked as well as proactive for me – not even the harsh crap the doctors have had me on that just burn you face off. if you want to know if it works, just gear up to deal with a messed up customer service and see if it works for you or not.

  14. So you are all retarded! Try paying attention to what you order all the T.V commercial, magazines and inserts make you aware that this is an auto-ship program. Also when you sign up on the Internet before you fill out your credit card info or even your address IN BOLD WRITING!!!! It informs you of the auto ship program when you check the terms YOU ARE AGREEING TO THIS.. Also in your shipment there is an invoice with all this information!!! You are stupid if you missed it and then say you didnt order it because YOU DID!!!!!!! So STOP the poor me I didnt order it and they keep shipping blah blah blah!!

  15. Product doesnt work big ripp off dont waste yor money customer service fucking sucks, they ship the product even when you cancel, so you get screwed twice you have to pay them to ship you a product you dont want & then you have to pay to ship the crap back. Dealing with this company has been a major pain in the ass. THE ONLY THING THEY CARE ABOUT IS GETTING YOUR MONEY proactive does not work, and when you call to cancel they LIE to you and you get screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I ordered the product for my son using the TV offer which was supposed to be 19.95 plus free shipping for a 30 day supply. Less than a month later I received, in the mail, another box with bigger bottles and figured there was a mistake. I checked my credit card bill and that first order (19.95 with free shipping) was actually 39.95 and I was charged 34.99 for the second order. I contacted customer support and was told by Andrea that it was my fault and that I ordered the wrong product at first. I offered to email the confirmation and she just kept saying, you got what you ordered and are being charged for it. As for the second order, I was told that unless you sign on and cancel, you are automatically enrolled and will be billed monthly. She was completely unwilling to make the situation right and requested to cancel my order. She said I’ll get an email confirmation but not sure what good that will di given they wouldn’t accept the one I got for the purchase. I’m glad I used my credit card… I will dispute both of these charges. As for the product, it hasn’t helped much and my son has used it per the directions. Maybe it’s not meant for everyone. If you try it… be careful of the billing.

  17. I tried it, decided it just wasn’t for me, and am now going through h3ll for it. I was charged for a second shipment without consent or even knowledge it was coming. I cancelled my account the next day and refused that package when it arrived. It has now been over a month with no “money back guarantee.” Sure, if the money comes ever, they can still say its a guarantee but don’t count on it. It has been over a month now with no reimbursement for an authorized charge and I have called to inquire why this is, only to be put in an endless loop of avoidance multiple times. When I do get to speak to a competent human among the rest, I am just told to wait longer. This is the worst example of customer service I have ever seen and will do my best effort to insure that that no person I ever have known goes through this darned process. Nothing but another scam.

  18. Terrible product. Did not work. Before you buy – BEWARE – you will only receive miniature product sizes for your $19.95. Then they will bill you credit card 30 days later for $89.95 plus shipping & send out regular sizes. I returned the shipment (remember did not know I would receive automatic shipments) and 6 MONTHS LATER I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A REFUND. I just spoke to customer service and I should receive a refund in 5 days (we will see). RIPOFF. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. still will not receive refund for shipping and me shipping it back.

  19. The only reason this product works (initially, if you can tolerate the burning) is because it is essentially made up of steroids. Eventually your face becomes immune to it and it stops working. However, I ended up with 2nd degree chemical burns from this product. Be wary of buying from the Internet, they put you on automatic shipping. I ordered the 30 day supply, and my next shipment was a 90 day supply that I didn’t choose. BE CAREFUL. Go to a dermatologist instead and they will hook you up with something that won’t cause cancer to your face.

  20. Gusty Reinker, the company I bought the Proactive 3 Step system is the worst company ever to deal with when you want to cancel their service. They will never cancel your account, keep shipping you their product even if you are not using the product. When you call they just keep playing the transfer game, and their cancellation department is the worst. Buy it from a kiosk but not from Gusty Reinker. The lady who helped me at the end was nice but I got transferred to her after one and a half hour of BS and holds in other departments. Whew, never going to buy anything again this way.

  21. I bought proactiv after dealing with acne starting when I was 13 and I’m 16 now. I’ve tried many over the counter products with no success. I got this and just a few days later I started seeing results. I had no side affects like people say. If you look at the directions and follow them you won’t have any problems with proactiv… But u got stupid people who ignor directions. The only problem was the price, if you don’t cancel it gets way too expencive. And when I called in I had no problems with customer service. Don’t listen to the bad reviews, they didn’t do what proactiv says to do to get best results.

  22. I didnt order it online but i got pissed at them just from reading you guys talk about how their customer service is. what a bunch of asssholes, i would threaten to sue them if that shitt didnt stop

  23. First of all this product is no better than your drugstore benzoyl peroxide products. If you need real acne help see your dermatologist which under insurance is cheaper than purchasing this product. Furthermore, if you Do not want to continue to receive shipments for you must apparently jump through proverbial hoops to discontinue the product’s shipments. The customer is always right.

  24. Proactive Customer Service is the worst I have experienced. I called to cancel an account and the Rep was very rude. Talking like I am a four year old. Very sarcastic on the phone. After asking to cancle my a/c as their PRODUCT RUINED MY FACE he tried to sell me another product. Ohhh what a nightmare. I called and cancel my account in June. Returned the product and everything. They said I only called to return that product but I did not cancel my account. And b/c I did not cancel my account they will ship the same product that ruined my face to me..Ohh what a nightmare. Now I have to return what they just sent me before they can credit back the charges they deducted. NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE.

  25. I wont say too much, I am 39 (For 10 years I always got pimples in my T section) this mother day I asked my boyfriend for Proactive as a gift. Ever since I havent get a pimple, so it has been 3 months with a clear skin. I I only use the small bottle morning and night! Good investment. 🙂 good price too if you get it online.

  26. Believe it or not i have had acne since the 4th grade im now 23 after tryin over the counter products, at home remides, dermatoligst help and no results my skin looked just terrible so i saw the proactive commercial and decided to order after the first day my skin look clean and fresh after the first week my skin had cleard up so well this is the best thing that has ever happened to me now i can go with out make up and still feel beautiful i love this stuff just have faith in it trust me it works!!!!! Thanks to the makers of proactive

  27. Have been using it for about a year now and my acne is even worse and left my skin dry and kind of painfull. Would not recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of acne for long term because as soon as you stop using this product you will break out even worse!! Another issue, the company kept sending me boxes I did not want and kept charging me! Good thing I got a new card! Buyers BEWARE!!!

  28. i just ordered proactiv and i thought to look at the reviews after…. what a dumb idea cuz now im not so sure im seeing alll this bad stuff and randomly a couple good reviews i just hope im one of the oviously few people this works for …….

  29. Well proactive helped a little…but nothing like it claims to to do. My big issue was the price. I had cancelled my account and continued to get charged. I talked to costumer service and they said it was the last payment of a $65 3 step box. WASTE OF MONEY! over drawn my account and everything. NOT WORTH IT.

    • Totaly Agee. The product does not work and they get your credit card number and you can’t so
      Top the charges. DO NOT BUY FROM PROACTIVE
      It is a rip off!

  30. i should have paid more attention to all the horrible reviews.. this company does not know how to treat its customers,the reviews on their website are edited to make them look better. STAY AWAY! its nothing but pure headache with calling and asking questions. they have hung up on me, they lie about not being able to see my account. they will keep you on hold forever if u try to cancel

  31. I ordered online and promptly changed my mailing frequency to 8 weeks. Low and behold 4 weeks later I am charged. I called and told them I signed up for the 8 week frequency, of course they said they didn’t see that on my account…yeah right, I double checked! I cancelled my subscription, even received the cancellation confirmation. A month later, charged again! I was told that I had to pay $99 because I had the large kit! What?!! I didn’t order it, nor ask for it to be sent to me!

    I ended up calling my bank and getting a new card….this will block further charges from proactive. Down side is that I have to contact any companies that have automatic payments from my account and give them my new account number.

    Proactive customer service sucks, they take your money and have an excuse for why they do what they do! They don’t care bout their customers, just stealing your money!

    DO NOT ORDER FROM PROACTIVE!!!! BUYER BE WARE!!!! They will get your account number and continue to charge your account after you cancel!!!

    • I had the exact same problem!! I was charged 29.95 after I canceled my account. Received the product; three step box, Sure the bottles were bigger but then within two months time charged 19.95 twice. Got told that was the last charge of the price. The full price of 65 bucks. RIP OFF.

  32. Ok So I had a couple of pimples since 7th grade but then in 8th grade I broke out on my forehead then a little on my cheeks n chin n chest . Them my mom took me to the dermatologist n they gave benzol peroxide. Haha believe this or not but my DERMOTOLIGIST to me to use proactive!!!! Biggest rip off mistake ever!!!! So I used it yehh it was helping my skin but leaving itSUPER DRY!!!!!!!but I would still get pimples, so I got tired of it n stopped using n two days after my skin was 10 times WORSE!!!!!! N I brought some other face washed didn’t help ;/ till I went to the demeratoloigst again n there giving me pill n antiobiotics well I guess its helping but its al.ost getting normal, its on its way 😉 & btw they freakin rip u off sending u a lot of boxes n charging you with out warning you!!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!! IT WILL RUIN YOUR FACE!!!!!

  33. Before I started using Proactive I would get a zit or two here and there and thought If I tried Proactive I would stop getting them…not even close! I have way more breakouts now than I ever have in my life. I hate Proactive for ruining my skin!!! I know everyone is different and has different skin but what in the heck!

  34. I have been using proactive for 8days now it broke my face out. I called the skin care advisor and she said to give it at least a month before I see any results. I am kind of nervous hoping and praying it clears my face up. I am giving it sometime to work hope and pray it works for me.

  35. I am 13 years old and I started getting bad acne. I tried other face washes ( neutrogena rapid clear for about 5 months, home made baking soda remedies, Clean and clear) but they only cleared my skin partially so finally my mom ordered proactiv for me. Right away my skin started to clear up and even though it took longer than I would have expected (about 3 months) my skin is now soft and smooth and I haven’t had a pimple or blemish in months ( I’ve been using it for about 6 months). If u wanna try this I would recommend having a little faith in it.

    Ps I also use a neutrogena moisturizer after all the steps to make my skin feel extra soft

  36. Where to begin..?
    The customer service SUCKS. It is very difficult to place an order and have a good experience. Definitely keep your bills on file or you may be over charged “by mistake”.
    About 75% of the time the products I receive are not what I ordered. They keep your credit card number on file and will automatically charge you and send a new order without your approval (which is SO illegal). Ultimately, it is a good idea to find other means of handling your acne. It really isn’t worth the trouble and to be honest there are other products (less expensive even) that work just as well.
    At first the three step system really seemed to be working but after a while it is as if it loses affect and make my skin severely dry. I’m currently looking into switching to something else and have heard good things about Origins brand products. I hope I was helpful.

    • i feel the same, i skin was dry, red and didnt improve, the customer service is horrible and they have just sent me a bill that i have already payed NOT HAPPY

  37. First off, the stuff didn’t even work. You can find something alot better for about a third of the cost of proactive.

    Second, they make it very difficult to cancel. Actually, I couldn’t even cancel it at all even after calling them at least 3 times. Ofcourse they say that you’re account has been cancelled but they still charge you every month regardless. I’ve had to go through my credit card company to dispute all of this.

    Do NOT buy this product. It’s all a big marketing scam.

  38. Totally useless product…..I was over charged and the customer service representative and supervisor was not at all helpful…..This product does NOT work don’t waste your time or your money!……….I tried it twice and it does not clear up acne all it does is clog your pores……Buyer Beware!

  39. I am a 15 year old girl with slightly fair Norwegian skin that is sensitive with moderate acne. I’d gotten control of my acne to the point of where it was notoo noticeable, but it was definitely still there. I had tried Proactiv previously when I was 12 and didn’t really use it because it wasn’t needed. But now I had tried many a products and decided to return to Proactiv being as though I heard about it all the time through the media, whether it be a poster, infomercial, radio ad, or magazine ad.
    So I started off and used the 3 step at night and the next day my skin BURNED! My acne had subsided but it had been replaced by redness. Two more nights I continued to use it (with my cetaphil moisturizer) and it got worse. I let off fir a week to recoup and let my skin gain back it’s moisture.
    The next week I used it once every other night with now the green tea moisturizer (didn’t do much.) It got dry again and flaked off pretty bad. I continued for one more week thinking it was just a first time reaction but my skin was just getting dryer. My acne was getting slightly better but that seemed to stop towards the end. After I stopped using it I felt a huge relief. Now I use Origins and it has been great for 4 months!! But it took about 1 1/2 months for my skin to moisten up.
    So overall DO NOT USE! Chemicals are SO harsh and drying that it will do bad things. Hope this helped and you find something out there that workis amazingly for you!!! (:

  40. I have had acne troubles since I was about 15. I used to use the Clean and Clear astringent and similar products, but that dried my face out so much, that I became sooooo red and my face peeled every single day.. it was horrible.

    My mother learned about this home remedy (baking soda+lemon juice+honey).. she made a paste and left it on my face for about 5 minutes., then washed it off. Within a week, I had seen a 90% improvement.. less pimples and virtually all my dark spots had vanished.

    I came to college, and with all my acne cleared up, I decided not to use anymore products on my face.. bad idea. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff so far.. no great results.
    So about Proactive now.. (sorry for the long rant so far).. my friend was about to throw away the remaining of her proactive solution 3 step system (because she was moving out of the dorms and was throwing away majority of her stuff).. Desperate for some great long-lasting acne relief, I aksked her if I could try the bit that’s left in the bottles, before I decided whether or not I wanted to order a kit for myself.
    The results were amazing!!!! I used all three steps, as directed.. and then I applied the skin lightening cream to a few dark spots that were on my chin and cheeks.. my skin is now flawlessss!! I am really amazed by the results.

    Reading all the reviews, however, has made me hesitant about ordering the kit for myself because I do not want them charging the heck out of my credit card. I’m not sure what to do now because I don’t want to stop using the product because (1) this stuff really works for me..and I have struggled long and hard to find something that works perfectly for my skin, and (2) i heard that once you stop using it, your skin gets 10 times worse than it was before.

    I think I may get a prepaid credit card.. like a Rush Card.. and order using that.

    P.S. I have very dry skin.. and proactive doesn’t dry it out.. I don’t even have to apply moisturizer, as my skin remains smooth and supple throughout the day.. but I ALWAYS apply sunscreen, even if I’m in the house all day.. (Panama Jack SPF 40) maybe that’s what has helped to give me such great results.. because UV and proactive = bad combination.

    The Pros: it definitely worked for me!!!

    The Cons: dont want to risk getting stuck in an auto-pay cycle

  41. I’m 12, and I have little black heads every were. I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my skin, and Proactive was one of them. It didn’t help me at all.. It made it worst. I understand everyone has diffrent skin, but it really didn’t work for me. My cheeks STARTING clearing up, and then i used it agian, and then BAM I broke out EVEN more!! So yeah, it didn’t work.

  42. I made the biggest mistake of my life about four months ago!!!!!!!, wanna know what it is??……., well its something called PROACTIVE!! -_- this product ruined my face even more! If you are reading this comment and are thinking about buying this product… DONT DO IT!!! its a waste of your money and it DOSENT WORK!!! -_-

  43. I think proactive worked well to clear up my skin however their customer service is TERRIBLE!!! Also, since I’ve been using it I’ve heard bad things about the ingredients they use that they are super toxic and that the steroids thin your skin….gross! My friend introduced me to a similar system but the products are 100% non-toxic and all natural. Her skin is amazing! I hope it works!!

  44. i returned this worthless product and they are saying they did not receive it back im tire of getting my money taken out of my account. I doesn’t even work, why would i keep it? Terrible customer service!!!!!

  45. I have worked for customer service for over 10 years. Definitely, Proactive has one of the WORST customer service providers. The products will work only for a certain time then the results will not improve after your 3rd week, overall, Do not buy these products because they will not have long term results.

    • Totaly agree!!!!
      After a three months of treatment i returned my products back and they claimed that they never received it and after 3 payments taken out of my account they do everything possible to make it impossible to get my money back for a worthless product!!!!

    • I totally agree ! The woman that i talked to about placing an order never shut up no matter how many times i tried to tell her i am not interested in any other monthly supplied she offered. One at a time she offer something else with an additional this and that ! she could go on for ever and all i wanted to do was to place an order and have it ship to me. i ended up telling her i will place an order online because it seems like they have a better offer which i don’t understand why they have different price on the same product between the website and the phone. she said it cost almost $6 for two weeks shipping, and $6 more for 4 to 7 days shipping when the online says it’s free shipping for 4 to 7 days.
      She had an attitude when i told her i would order it online, she hung up.
      what’s the point of giving the customer the option of order the same product on line or give them the number to call when nothing is the same ?
      As a result, i am no longer interested. i can just about finding the same or better product at mayc or something.

    • I already returned their products but still they are billing me . i don’t know what to do ?? this company is robbing customers.


      Your company has just stolen from my credit account as of September 1 2014 in the amount of $70.69. Im calling the police and hiring a lawyer to sue this company. As of September 2nd because today is a holiday. I will have a lawyer as well as my credit company and the police addressing this issue. I will be contacting Pro Active as soon as you open tomorrow morning.
      You are the most unprofessional company that I’ve ever dealt with.
      I attempted to happily purchase Proactive on August 12th 2014.
      Your sales agent was very pleasant. We agreed upon a promotion that totaled $19.00 and some change.
      I called back on August 19th to get an idea of when my product would arrive. The customer service agent told me that they didn’t have my order in stock. That i was placed on back order. If I hadn’t called to check on my order i would have never known. I was quoted another 10 days for arrival. 10 days passed and i called to see when the product would arrive. I was told by the new Customer Service Agent that my account had been deleted and no credit card transaction ever took place. I was irate I asked to speak to the supervisor or manager. I informed the manager that I wanted nothing to do with this company ever again. I DON”T want a re order
      Please delete from your system entirely. The manager assured me everything was deleted and taken care of.

      I never received anything from this company but lies and confusion. This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a “Professional” company. I don’t want to have anything to do with Pro Active.

      Once again As of today September 1st i was charged on my credit card account the amount of $70.69. WHY did this happen.
      I made a grave mistake in ever thinking of using your product.

      As I stated earlier I will be contacting you the moment you open tomorrow. I’ve contacted the police as well as my lawyer and my credit card company.
      You should be ashamed.
      People trust you and see you as professionals.

      I would appreciate a phone call early tomorrow morning putting a end to this problem.

      I now have to cancel my credit card because Pro Active steals. You are thieves.

      I expect a phone call and email addressing this issue as soon as possible.
      Thank you

  46. Since I’m twelve, I’ve acne. I talked about it to my parents, and I began to see dermatologists. I saw a lot, but nobody has been able to resolve my problem until I moved to United States. One day, I was watching TV, and I saw the commercial of Pro Active. Most of the time, I don’t trust that kind of commercial, but I decided to try it because I was so desperate. So, the result is: it works!
    First, I bought it online, and I’m glad to have done it because the website is perfect! You have all the information you need about the price, how many days before the products come, and all the other usual information (name, address…). There’s even an option to receive it each two months. You can also watched people’s testimonials. I began the same day where my Pro Active came.
    Then, only after one week, I saw that there were fewer pimples on my cheeks and my forehead (a really affected part of my face). I was so happy because I thought my acne was irreversible. The secret is to use it when and how they say.
    However, there’s a negative point that I’ve known it later. The first delivery is just a sample, and the second one is the real product. I was a little bit angry because they charged the same price for both. Although I was mad, I knew they do that to make sure their product work because if it doesn’t, people will complain during the sample phase.
    Finally, I can say Pro Active works very well! I highly recommend it because if it works for me, it’ll work for you. It’s not expensive and accessible for everybody. Pro Active changed, keeps changing, my life. Now, I’m one of many living proofs. I’m really thankful to the creators because they did a very good job!

    • You sound worst than the commercial, dermatologists or general doctors give you pills, and products that are 10x stronger than proactive. The pills alone stop the whole crisis

    • Hey. I’m not being rood but I would not recommend this product!!! You said that if it worked for you it will work for anyone? Well to tell you the truth it WILL NOT!!! work for everyone! I was just like you, I saw it on Tv and I was desperate. I have terrible acne!!, and since it looked like it worked on Tv I thought so highly of it and I got it!!! When I recived it in the mail I was woo happy but then after A month of using it properly I realized it assent working!!!???. I thought mane I should give it more time. So here I am now four months later and the only thing proactive has done for me is make my life misserable and now my skin has more active and it is super oily!! -_- . But anyway my point is proactive will not work for everyone!!. If it is working for you right now then good for you!!, but I garentee it will come around some day soon and bite you in the Butt!!!!. ( proactive is a waste of money, it ruins your skin, and IT DOSE NOT WORK!!!)

  47. What ever you do, do NOT buy this from the Proactiv web site. They will force you into a auto delivery system that is next to impossible to escape. All the bad things you hear about their customer service is a 100% FACTUAL!!!!
    Initially, it cleared up my skin!

    • I tried it for the first 2Weeks,on my dark spots on my back,and acne on my chest area. I seen no results on my dark spots of my back,and it broke me out on my chest area and back. Everybody skon is different, so with that being said,it dont agree with all of our skin, kinda sad because i really thought it would really work smh.


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