Introduction And Background

More than half of our life, we are worried about our skin. From the start of teenage years to when we first recognize that the skin is a part of our beauty and complexion to the old stage when all we want is younger looking skin. Truth be told, it is a vital part of our life. Think about it yourself. When someone doesn’t know you, what do they see first? They see your skin. And isn’t it just refreshing to actually see clean and fresh looking skin? Admit it, your perception and likeness towards a person automatically increases if they have good skin! Well…in this article we will be discussing about two very important types of skin. There is Oily skin and then there is Dry skin. Both have their own advantages and both have their disadvantages too. We will talk about them in detail. Read on further to find out!

The Perks Of Having Oily Skin
As much as people think that having oily skin is sometimes the worst thing ever, there are certain advantages to having oily skin. Once you know them, oily skin doesn’t seem so bad to you! Here are a few of them.

  • Your skin is always moisturized if you have oily skin and you rarely have to use a lotion or a moisturizer. It can actually save you a lot of money and we all know that natural moisturizers are actually the best ones.
  • Since you have oily skin, chances are that you will develop wrinkles later in life. Oily skin does get wrinkles, don’t get confused. But the onset of wrinkles is not that early. Since your skin is always glistening with sebum, you do not develop cracks or lines very quickly on the surface and that saves you from getting permanent lines and wrinkles! What could possibly be better than that?

Taking Care Of Oily Skin
Taking care of oily skin can be a pain, yes. No one is denying the fact that taking care of oily skin is hard and it can turn into something worse if not paid attention to. For instance, if you have oily skin then you need to be extra careful to clean your skin from time to time. Otherwise, you know what will happen; your pores can get blocked after some time and it can easily lead to a really horrible case of acne. Now, no one wants acne, do they? Don’t be scared though. It’s not like you have to take care of the skin all the time! You just have to ensure that the face does not get too dirty or too oily for longer periods of time and it’s even good for health to maintain such hygiene.

The Perks Of Having Dry Skin
Dry skin is not too bad. The thing is, with dry skin, you cannot do worse. Oily skin sometimes scares because you have to take care of it immensely. But with dry skin, you can avoid the hassle. However, it has a care pattern of its own. Here are a few perks of having dry skin, however.

  • With dry skin, you will rarely have to worry about pimples and spots and blackheads. This does not mean that you will never get them. But their occurrence will probably be infrequent and minute thus it won’t bother you much.
  • Another perk of having dry skin is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the dirt around or the germs. Of course, dirt will stick and it will bother you but you don’t have to worry about blocked pores as such.

Taking Care Of Dry Skin
Taking care of dry skin might not require washing the face and keeping it clean many times a day but it does require moisturizing. Dry skin might have its own advantages but the fact remains that on dry skin, you get wrinkles too quickly. You might not get pimples, but you do get wrinkles. Too dry skin become scaly and rough as well and that does irritate. However, one does not have to moisturize all the time! You should do it at night once or during the day.

Oily Skin Or Dry Skin?
As you can see, both the skin types have their own advantages and disadvantages and their own care patterns. Oily skin and dry skin both have their own specific needs and you will have to cater to them depending on your own skin type.

Don’t worry about either skin type too much. You should think of yourself as blessed if you have either and then start working toward keeping it clean or moisturized as required. Oily skin or dry skin, it’s skin and you will have to take care of it!


  1. Honestly having it oily is better. What are us dry peeps gonna do when your local walmart or nearby store stops selling moisturizers(im not saying it will but who knows)? People with oily skin have it easy all you need is a paper towel or simply water and your good but for us dry folks we can’t just magically pull out a bottle of lotion while we’re not carrying one. My problem is that my skin depends on the continuation of certain skin products. Pimples come and go naturally , dry skin will stay dry forever if left untreated. Not having pimples is simply a beauty thing. Not having dry skin on the other hand is more about the pain then it is about the appearance. Its a never-ending itch for us dry folks. All you oily peeps got it easy, just wash your face properly with warm water and your good to go.


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