Do constant acne occurrences and blemishes plague you regularly? Are you annoyed by the lack of improvements despite expensive medications and doctor visits? If that’s how you feel, you should attempt a natural, proven method of treating annoying acne problems. Unlike prescription medications, natural treatments for acne usually don’t cause any side effects. In addition, most natural treatments for acne are inexpensive when compared to prescription medicines.


While alternative medicine gains popularity, more and more people are trying natural treatments for acne. Although there are those who have improved their conditions while using prescription medications, there are often side effects to these products that can be just as bad as the original acne problem was. Many who go through acne have also attempted OTC solutions, but with mixed results. Actually, if you use these products the wrong way, or use them too much, they can make your acne problem worse.


The main culprit causing acne for women is usually that of a hormonal imbalance. This issue can lead to many women having acne problems well after they are past their teenage years. If you’re really going to make long-term improvements to your skin’s condition, you’ll need to select a solution that won’t jeopardize your health.

Nowadays, many herbs found in nature exist that have already helped many to minimize or get rid of the problems related to acne in females. A few examples of these helpful herbs are primrose, black cohosh, red clover, and wild yam. These natural treatments for acne help you by assisting your body in maintaining a balance of estrogen and androgen. After all, too much androgen can cause heightened production of sebum, which leads to blocked pores and therefore, acne.


Women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from natural treatments for acne. Many of the readily available herbs that can be found are beneficial for both men and women who are plagued by acne. How do the herbs help? They sooth the skin’s inflamed regions, while getting rid of infection to help your skin look better. Best of all, you can obtain these natural treatments for acne with a quick trip to a health food store. Some of the best herbs for treating acne include dandelion root, red peony, licorice, salvia, and echinacea.


More and more dermatologists are saying that acne is also caused by the lack of certain vitamins in the body. In fact, research has indicated that many acne sufferers lack the right amount of Vit B in their body. This problem leads to the production of excess sebum, which in turn results in blocked pores. Taking Vit B supplements can help you to keep this problem from happening.


Even though it’s usually quite safe to treat acne with herbs, you may want to play it safe when trying out one of the natural treatments for acne. It’s always smart to consult with an herbalist or other specialist, especially if you’re unsure about what kind of side effects can take place. For instance, you should let such a person know if you’re taking any other medications, as some herbs are not meant to be combined or used at the same time as other substances. You can also get additional information on other natural treatments for acne from a specialist.




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