Introduction And Background

At times, acne can be a really confusing skin condition. Why is it confusing? Well, for one it can come at possibly any age. There are even case of neonates (newborn babies), having acne! And we all thought we were safe from it at that age! Regardless, those in their old age close to death can even experience acne. And we never thought we’d ever see pimples or spots on old and wrinkled skin now did we? This just goes to show that acne can occur at any possible age from the moment you are born till the moment you can die. Start taking care of your skin now, no matter what age you are!


What Is The Most Common Age Group For Acne?

The most common age group for acne would be the teenage years. Starting from the stages of puberty till the moment one is of age, there is a high risk that they can develop acne. Of course, as we discussed earlier, acne can occur in any age group. But it is fairly common in teenagers. This is why most of the advertisements for acne treatment are directed at their age group and this is why we see their age group targeted in movies in regard of acne.


Why Are The Teenage Years Most Common Age Group For Acne?

There are several reasons behind this. The teenage years are the most crucial years of life. They are the years where a personality and identity is formed. Aside from that, it is during the teenage years that we face the most changes, mentally as well as physically. With the onset of puberty, the hormonal changes of the body can easily cause acne. A terrible reaction or sensitive skin under excessive exposure to sunlight can also irritate the skin and cause acne. Teenage girls are really concerned about their looks and the excessive use of cosmetics they are accustomed to can also easily lead to acne. On the other hand, teenage boys do not really care about hygiene. And as a cherry on the top, they are really into sports. Cleaning up is really important and boys do not really care about their skin until something forces them to take care of it, something like the condition of acne. Teenagers are also careless about their diet. They do not eat the proper healthy thing and often indulge in fatty foods and sweets and junk food which is not good for the skin and can easily aggravate the normal case of pimples, leading to acne. Needless to say, for some reason or the other, the teenage years are the most common age group for acne for boys and for girls.


Isn’t Acne More Common In Young Adults?

No, acne is certainly not more common in young adults. Young adults get acne because of their own neglect or luck. Teenagers get acne because of the same reasons but the risk in them is higher. Where eight out of ten teenagers get acne, it is four out of ten young adults who get acne. When we come of age, it is the time where our skin is at its best. Before, it isn’t beautiful enough and afterwards it starts to deteriorate. It is better to enjoy the time of having good skin by also taking care of it a proper manner. Young adults are also more sensible towards their diet which is another factor behind their age group being less struck with acne.


Can Teenagers Avoid Acne?

Of course they can. Just because teen years the most sensitive age towards acne does not mean that nothing can be one to prevent it from happening. Taking care of the diet and ensuring that the skin is hydrated are two of the most important things. If the teenagers can learn these two things along with maintaining a certain hygiene level, it is sure that they will not face acne. However, some bacteria might cause acne. It also depends on their luck at times. But be sure to take all measures to protect the skin. And it is important for the parents to play a role in their child’s education as well. If they had acne when they were young, chances are their kids will too. Thus, it is important that they educate their child on the proper diet to eat and the proper way to take care of the skin to ensure that the misfortune of acne does not befall on them.



Acne is something to be afraid of but do not take a lot of stress if you have it. Deal with it sensibly and quickly. And do not let it get you down. Since it is most common in teen years and teen years are really vulnerable, most of the kids go into a sort of depression because of acne. It is important that they do not let it get themselves down.


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