Introduction And Background

The problem with most of the world is that they have developed a narrow way of thinking. They are afraid to try something new or already have developed the conclusion that it won’t work. With arising treatment processes for acne, parents will still take their children to the doctor’s who will prescribe some conventional medicine that will probably only lessen the symptoms but not fix the root cause. Here is where meditation comes in. It has been known that meditation does fix the acne problem and rids of it completely for you! The only downside is, not many people know about this treatment process and even if they do know, they are hesitant to try it. And if they do try it, they don’t think it will work. It is always important to believe in what you’re doing even if it is something as simple as meditating to cure the acne.

Basics Of Meditation
Meditation is complete relaxation. Some believe that meditating is to think about a focused fixed point. This is not the case. Meditation is letting go of yourself completely, keeping your mind blank and letting your mind in a stress free environment even if it is not blank. In the perfect definition of the word, meditation is to be completely relaxed in the waking moment of your life. And another basic of meditation is, do not fall asleep! Sometimes one gets so peaceful and relaxed that they fall asleep!

How To Meditate For Acne?
Look at the bright side, you do not have to wear any voodoo costume or go to the mountain place to clear your mind. You can do it simply by sitting in your garden, or even in your room. The basic fundament of meditation is to clear your mind. Let it just stay calm and peaceful and try to get rid of the stress you have building inside you. It is okay if your minds wanders here and there but remember to be in the present and breathe in the moment. Breathe slowly and calmly and it is better if you close your eyes while doing so. As you relax while meditating, the different brain waves are affected and it keeps you relaxed and increases serotonin levels. You also find a spiritual realm in yourself while you are meditating and try to look for that inner calmness. It enables the body to heal itself mentally, physically and emotionally. Meditation is not a game. It takes a while to get the hang of things but be certain to keep trying until you do. Some people complained that they were unable to meditate, that they became restless sitting so still with nothing on their minds. They were restless because they thought they had something to focus on or the environment did not suit. It could be too hot to meditate, or too cold. Sit in a comfortable atmosphere and then try to relieve your mind of all the thoughts and tensions you usually think about. And see how it works.

Does Meditation Really Cure Acne?
Yes, it does. It is one of the effective treatment processes for curing acne but the fact remains that not people believe in it and don’t take out the time to try it out. Meditation can relieve you of stress which is one of the leading causes of acne. It can create a balanced environment inside the body and regulate the hormones and other chemical substances whose irregularity can also cause acne. So yes, if you get rid of these two things and add a composed nature in the equation, you’ll get yourself a healed up acne free skin. And there could be nothing better than that now, could there?

Other Benefits Of Meditation
Meditation does not only cure acne but provide other benefits to the body as well. For example:

  • It is good for people who have high blood pressure. It teaches them not to take stress and live in a calm way.
  • It reduces stress levels of the body which enables us to think more calmly and rationally and take a moment for ourselves in this fast paced world.
  • It makes us strong mentally and emotionally as different brain waves are highlighted during the process of meditation.
  • It makes us know our inner selves better.
  • It enhances the respiratory and breathing mechanisms in the body, clearing air in the lungs.

As you might see in the movies, there are Buddhists meditating. You’ll think that it is religious but it is not. Anyone can meditate for any reason whatsoever. You can meditate to calm yourself down or you can meditate to make sure that your acne disappears. After all, if you have seen movies you might even notice the good skin of Buddhists. See the connection?


  1. hello ,actually i have a lot of pimples on my face so how to clean my pimples by meditation please suggest me i m very tense about my face…


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