Introduction And Background

No one really needs an introduction or a background on acne. Fact number one that everyone knows is that acne is a skin condition. Fact number two is that three in five people the world over will suffer from acne sometime in their life. Fact number three is that the causes of acne are many but most have to do with hormonal changes, genetic inheritance or simple lack of hygiene. Fact number four is that everyone dreads acne and that they wish they never had it or in the other case never get it. Fact number five is that there are two major types of acne which we’ll read about now.


How Many Types Of Acne Are There?

To be clear, there are about three to four types of acne but since the world does not really go for the rare and the weird, we narrow it down to two. There are only two major types of acne that many suffer from.


What Are The Major Types Of Acne?

The two major types of acne are Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea. They are the major types of acne and are generally the ones people refer to when they are diagnosing their own acne condition, whether it is the acne vulgaris or the acne Rosacea.


Information On Acne Vulgaris

This major type of acne usually occurs in teenagers and young adults. It consists of pimples and nodules along with whiteheads and blackheads that are not really what the place needs. The inflamed spots are usually prominent and are accumulated in a single area, commonly around the cheeks or the forehead and even the shoulder at times. They have pustules as well which generally have a yellow substance oozing out. Acne vulgaris is easily treated though the degree of severity also matters, mostly because of the time the healing process will take.


Treatment for acne vulgaris consists of the fighting agenda that most people follow; buy the best acne treatment cream and apply it as instructed. The diet should also contain a lot of fruits and vegetables so that the skin can get the proper healing nourishment it so badly needs. There are certain agents that should be the creams you are using such as salicylic acid. It is a really good acid that helps in fighting the bacteria present in the cysts and nodules and can replenish the inflammatory response.


Information On Acne Rosacea

This is another major type of acne but it is less common than acne vulgaris. Acne Rosacea is known to occur in middle aged people or those who are above the age of thirty at least. It is not seen in children or teenagers and is very rare in young adults. People often confuse the two types of acne because of the similarity in the bumps and the inflammatory spots. However, it is found in women and the spots are larger than those experienced in acne vulgaris. Acne Rosacea is more on the severe side and although the condition can be controlled and made better over the years, the worst part about it is that it is extremely difficult and almost impossible to heal and cure.



The treatment for acne Rosacea is different. The same treatments might apply to acne Rosacea as the one used in vulgaris but the thing is, it will produce only a little or no effect. This degree of acne needs to be dealt with a proper set of information and probably a professional. Consulting a doctor is urgent in this matter and one should not treat it without getting prior help or it could make the condition worse! And with so much already at stake, it is better to be safe with the skin than to play around with it trying different methods of treatment. There is no known specific treatment for Acne Rosacea that is known to work but after consulting a doctor and with the dermal creams he advises, there are people who have reported their acne Rosacea being under control and almost seemed to be fading a little.

How Long Does It Take To Cure Acne?

There is no specific time period. It is different for everyone. But brace yourselves for this simple fact; it is a long process, curing any type of acne. One needs to be really patient and stress free while curing acne.



No matter what type of acne you have, do not let it get to you. Most likely the case will be that you can easily cure the condition of acne you have. And even if it is otherwise, do not lose your self confidence or your self esteem. This is just a skin condition that can go away if you treat it the right way.


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