Introduction And Background

One of the worst skin conditions to strike any teenager or adult is acne. Acne is one of the most prevalent of skin diseases and the permanent pimples and spots on the skin bring about other conditions as well such as depression, low self esteem and even under confidence. Keeping all these things in mind, it is important to take care of your skin. You should try and read anything that might help in making the condition better if it has struck in unfortunate terms.

Causes Of Acne

There are many causes behind acne. It can occur due to various reasons some of which are hygiene related and some are even genetic. Mostly it occurs due to hormonal changes during the teenage years when a person does not really know how to take care of the skin. Experts have defined and identified various multiple causes of acne anyway. For a more detailed discussion on what actually causes acne, you should refer to this article.

The Relation Of Acne And Sweating

Acne and sweating have a relationship much deeper than anybody would have ever thought of. The most striking is that sweating is actually helpful in the prevention of acne. Here is how it can helps. When you go to the gym and exercise or even stand under the sun in incredibly hot conditions, you will begin to sweat. Most people feel dirty and stinky after sweating so you must be wondering how it could possibly help in preventing acne. Actually, when the sweat glands give out sweat through the pores of the skin, they also clean out the dirt and most of the bacteria in the pores too. But remember this, do not think that the sweat is your cleanser. It is even dangerous for the acne at times. You’ll read about it next in the article.


Is Sweating Dangerous In Acne?

Sweating is a natural mechanism. Unless a person is stranded in the lands of the North or the South Pole, they will pretty much sweat sometime during the year in the warm seasons. Other than that, people even sweat in cooler temperatures when they are nervous or angry. So basically, it is safe to say that sweating cannot be controlled or stop. If you have acne, the best thing to keep in mind is to remove the sweat quickly. Sweating cannot cause any harm or worsen the acne because it is not harmful to the skin (obviously) since it is producing it, but keep in mind that letting it accumulate on your skin for longer periods of time can, in reality, cause more pimples to grow. So the answer is, yes sweating can be dangerous in acne if one is not really careful about the hygienic factor. Now you’ll know why people run to the showers after having a strenuous exercise routine at the gym.

Is Sweating Helpful In Acne?

Sweating is not helpful in acne. It can worsen the conditions if you are not too careful. But that does not mean that sweating is dangerous towards acne just because it doesn’t help. As explained above, it is a pretty harmless phenomenon as long as you take care of yourself afterwards. The sweat will not be dangerous and can only be a little helpful if you clean up good afterwards. Because bacteria tends to accumulate on sweaty and oily skin and it would override the factor of the little cleansing done on the pores by the release of sweat.



This all might seem a little confusing to you because sweating can be dangerous and harmless and helpful as well. However, if you look at it clearly, sweating is harmless and helpful only if you do not become a sweaty person all the time without washing it off. And it is dangerous only when you let it accumulate for longer periods of time. It is just like sunlight. Sunlight is good for the skin and is necessary for a healthy life. To bask in sunlight is recommended because then vitamin D is formed by the skin. But excessive exposure to sunlight will cause the skin to burn. The same is the case with sweat. It can help but only if you are smart enough to see how and not ruin it for yourself. Finally, using multi-component acne treatment kits can really help you get rid of acne safely and without expending too much money. There are quite a few good acne solutions that are considered all natural and helpful due to their nature, composition, cost-effectiveness and availability. With proper research and consideration, there is no doubt that you will eventually be able to find the most suitable and feasible solution to treat your acne. This is the first step towards complete acne cure.  Stay clean and be rid of acne.



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