Introduction And Background

Acne is generally considered to be something that everything is really scared of. But the funny thing is, no one is really interested in how to prevent it. The only time a person thinks about it is when they actually have it! This happens mostly with teenagers who are the most prone of all age groups to be riddled with this skin condition. Girls and boys both don’t pay attention to their skin unless there is something to worry about on it. Everyone should take good care of their skin and not do things that might lead to their skin showing pimples and blackheads! In this article, we will be discussing about the instances of cold cream and whether or not it is bad for acne.

What Is Cold Cream?
Another strange fact is that very few people are aware of what cold cream really is. We see our mothers and our grandmothers and even sisters use it but we rarely ask them the reason of why it is referred to as ‘cold cream’? Cold cream is a natural lotion that is made up of many minerals and elements that can moisturize your skin and keep it from becoming dry. Cold creams are specially used by those who live in colder regions so that their skin does not become too dry and scaly. It can actually help your skin to retain its water content and have a certain glow. It is by far better than any of the other beauty products you can use to beautify your skin cosmetically.

Is Cold Cream Bad For Acne?
Now that we know what cold cream is, it is time to get to the main problem here. Is cold cream bad for acne? No it isn’t! In other words, it actually helps to clear up the acne on your face! As mentioned above, it contains a lot of elements that are actually really good for the skin and it also helps to keep it clean and moisturized. These are the thing one actually needs during acne days. They need to keep the skin fresh and clean so that the pores can heal more quickly and the inflammation or the pimples that have been caused go away. Cold cream is not bad for acne at all. In fact, most people use cold creams to help in the healing process! Many companies make cold creams and they are generally of a very good quality. Nonetheless, it is always better to buy the best.

Can Cold Creams Cure Acne?
This question is purely so that you do not get confused. Cold creams are not bad for acne and they actually help a lot in the healing process but saying that only cold creams cure acne would be unjustified. Singularly the use of cold creams might make your acne better but it will not cure it altogether. You need to work on other things to get rid of it completely such as what you eat and the exposure to the sun. Where you live is also important. For instance, if you oily skin and keep using cold creams then that will be a pure disaster! Hopefully, you are already aware of skin types and how to deal with them.

How To Use Cold Creams To HELP Cure Acne?
Follow these steps in order help cure your acne by using a cold cream.

  1. The first step is to select a brand of cold cream that you can trust. Many companies manufacture it and they are of good quality but it is better to research a little and find out which one has the best reviews.
  2. Wash your face thoroughly and then remember to dry it off with a towel or a clean cloth of some sort. Please make sure that your face is not wet before you move on to the next step. It is fairly important because the cold cream will not be as effective with a wet face. It is not necessary that you wash your face. This step is just to ensure that your face is clean before putting on cold cream. If it already is, it is not important to wash your face.
  3. Take a little of it on a finger and then apply spots or lines of it on to different parts of your face. After doing so, massage gently in a circular motion so that the cream has been evened out on other parts of the body. Leave it on for a minute or two so that time is given for the cream to be dissolved into the pores to clear them out.
  4. After a minute, you can wash off the cold cream or swipe it clean with any clean cloth or towel.

It is has been revealed that applying cold cream on blemishes and certain spots can make them disappear after a few days! There is not much evidence behind this besides word of people who have tried it out but given the fact that cold cream helps in healing acne, it could very well be true. Hence, do not be afraid of cold creams if you have acne. There are chances, and they are very high, that you could heal your acne much quicker because of the use of cold creams.


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