Introduction And Background

This question might have entered the minds of many people. There is no racial discrimination being done here but just a curiosity that is being discussed. Mostly, we only see white children and adults worrying about their acne problems and getting appointments with the doctor or hunting for the perfect treatment dermal cream at the medics. However, dark skinned people going through the same thing  are seen rarely or not at all. But there is more to it than that. There are many questions left unanswered and many people do not know the real truth behind the skin color and the effect that acne might or might not have because of it.

Do Dark Skinned People Get Acne?

The answer is, yes dark skinned people do get acne. But the prevalence of acne in dark skinned people is relatively really less compared to those who have fairer skin. Faired skin people’s acne and the redness are also shown clearly and the acne is at times hidden or not clearly visible on dark skin. Genetics also has a role to play in this because research indicates some gene of the dark skin that makes it more resilient and tougher than fair skin.

Does Acne Discriminate?

No, acne does not discriminate. All races and colours get acne. The only difference is, the outbreak of acne is more prevalent in those with fair skin than it is in those with dark and the acne has a better chance of hiding with the latter. This explains why we hardly see it on dark skinned people.

Is Acne More Severe On Fair Skin?

It is not more severe on fair skin, but as mentioned above, it is just more visible on fair skin which makes it seem worse too. Otherwise, the degree of severity does not depend on colour but on the skin type and how far the person has let it get.

Can Sunlight Affect Degree Of Acne On Dark Skin?

This question seems to puzzle many people who have dark skin. Since the power of the sun makes no difference on their skin colour  it is suggested that acne cannot get worse either. This isn’t true. Excessive sunlight can and does make the spots darker and more permanent. So do not go sunbathing with acne just because you have darker skin. It will likely make the acne condition worse.

Why Is Acne More Prevalent On The Face?

Acne hits the T zone the most which is the forehead and the nose of the skin. This is the oiliest part of the human skin. If you know about acne, you’ll know that it develops from a basic case of pimples that can turn into acne. Pimples arrive more readily on oily skin and our face is exposed to all kinds of bacteria and germs. What we eat, where we sleep, what we wear, how much cosmetics we use, it all matters. And since all the things involve the face a lot, it has the highest probability of getting acne.

Is The Treatment Process Different For Acne On Dark Skin?

There is no discrimination here either. The treatment process for both is the same. Acne is the worst skin condition but it is treatable. There is a herbal acne treatment kit for the process of treating. It is safe, effective and entirely natural since it is made of natural ingredients such as herbs. This treatment process is also able to deal with acne on different levels. It can cure mild acne as well as severe acne. Degree does not matter because of its ability of containing multi components to cure acne of any kind. It is effective at the same level on any colour on skin. There are no preferences.


Now that everything is clear in the article, you’ll be sure to make note that even dark skinned people get acne. It just isn’t as visible as it is on fair skinned people. Their treatment process is the same as well. Whatever skin colour you have, it really doesn’t matter. Acne is pretty prevalent on all skins and the dermal creams and herbal acne treatment process is for all of them. There are no specifics to it.



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