Introduction And Background

What is it about acne that scares people off? There are a lot of things. Acne is one the worst skin conditions that one can have. It ruins the skin, makes you think you look really ugly and disfigured and it lowers your self-esteem considerably. There are many teenagers who refuse to go out even if they have any form of acne, be it mild or severe. Despite acne being so common, people still haven’t accepted it as a stage of puberty or something that comes and goes. Acne is more common in teenagers but that sort of acne goes away as you grow older. Young adults have acne that they should worry about. Middle aged people rarely get acne, unless they are pregnant or something. However, there is a string pattern that one keeps seeing and it makes you wonder; is acne affected by skin color?

Is Acne More Common In People With Fair Complexion?

Let’s get to the question straight and out. Yes, acne is common in people with fair complexion. Fair complexioned people usually have a more sensitive skin than brown or black colored skin. Thus, they are more prone to getting acne. Research also shows that there might be a consistent gene in the fair skinned pattern of genetics which might also be the reason behind making acne more common in fair skinned people.
Do Brown Skinned People Get Acne?
Yes, brown skinned and dark skinned people also get acne. It is very rare that they should get acne at all and if they do it occurs at an older stage in life. However, the worst part is that their form of acne is much more severe and usually leaves scars and spots. Their treatment process also requires a special sort of attention and handling because acne also cause discoloration which does not go away that easily.

Is Acne More Severe In Fair Complexioned People?

No. As mentioned above, acne is more severe in people who have brown skin. But a thing to note is that acne is more prominent in fair skinned people. Since their skin is whiter, the pimples and spots can easily be detected which is why fair skinned people are often undergoing therapy and treatment because their acne becomes a source of discouragement and makes them lose their confidence. Fair complexioned people also have a more sensitive skin. It does not make acne more severe but makes the chances of having acne higher which again leads to the fact that acne is more common in people with a fair complexion.


Can Acne Be Treated In Both Cases?

Yes, acne can be treated in both cases. However, one should note that acne in brown skinned people is usually more severe so their treatment process will be a little different than fair skinned people. But in both cases, acne can be treated.


How To Avoid Acne?

Avoiding acne is not very hard. Some people think that it is an inevitable part of life and in some cases it might be such as puberty and pregnancy. But the fact is that acne can be avoided pretty easily if one knows and is taught from the start about how to properly take care of the skin. For this, they must first know their skin type whether it is sensitive or resilient and then the skin combination; whether it is oily or dry or a mixture of both. They should further maintain a clean environment and make sure their skin does not undergo extensive exposure to sunlight or be in a lot of air pollution. It is also mandatory to maintain a healthy diet which can really help and be the most important factor in making sure one never gets acne in their lifetime. Eat fruits, vegetables and drink a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis.


Does Discoloration Occur In Acne One Fair Complexion?

Yes, it can happen but it is not very common. Discoloration does not normally occur in acne. It can if something horrible goes and severe acne becomes even more severe but generally if you catch acne at its mild form and start the curing process, discoloration won’t occur. Try avoiding acne scarring in acne. Only then chances of discoloration get higher.



Fair complexion is a blessing and a curse. A blessing is this that fair complexion is sought after and is generally considered a beauty in both men and women. It is a curse because if you have a fair complexion, your chances of getting acne are more and if you do get acne then it will be really prominent. However, do not worry because acne can be cured and treated and the skin can become normal with all the wonderful treatment methods available in this century.


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