Introduction And Background

There are so many diseases that are viral and infectious that we wonder whether even the simplest conditions have any infectious agents in them. I am of course talking about acne. Many people have wondered over the years, even decades, whether or not this skin condition can be transferred from one person to the other, whether or not it is a contagious skin condition? Well, this is what the topic is going to be out. And you might be surprised to hear the answer, if you did not know it already. Read on further to enhance your knowledge on acne!

Is Acne Contagious?
Let us get right to the basic point without any more interruptions. Is acne contagious? No it isn’t. Acne is certainly not contagious. Those who think that even a slight cheek rub or if their skin has come in contact with any acne ridden skin will be infected soon enough, know this that acne is not an infection. It is simply a skin ‘condition’. There are various reasons of why people get acne but it being contagious or infecting another person is certainly not one of them.

Why Isn’t Acne Contagious?
Well, acne is basically just accumulation of pimples or spots in one area which is known as acne. You have just one pimple, you don’t call it acne. And you certainly don’t think that you got that pimple because you were around someone who also had it. No. Simply enough, acne is just that pimple increased in number in a specific area, usually around the cheeks or the forehead and even the shoulder or back sometimes. The pimples and spots that are formed arise due to other reasons and are not viruses. And even if there are bacteria involved too, there is no chance that those bacteria can cause acne in another person.

What Causes Acne?
This list can go on and on till it reaches the moon! There are just so many reasons that a person can get acne. Here are just a few major ones though, which are the most common.

  • One can get acne due to hygiene very easily. Those who always have oily skin and do not take care of it are bound to have blocked pores. And what do blocked pores get us? Inflammatory spots known as pimples. Those pimples can easily turn into acne.
  • Deficiency of important elements and food in the diet can also cause acne. This is one of the major reasons of why people get acne in some of the countries in the west. The children there are not really fond of vegetables. Actually, children nowhere in the world are fond of vegetables! Essentially, fruits and vegetables are an important part of the diet which should not be overlooked as it can greatly affect the skin.
  • Nowadays, we do not really drink a sufficient amount of water and often satisfy our thirst through fizzy drinks and other sodas and artificially flavored juices. This is definitely not good for the skin. Too many sweets can cause too many pimples too in some people which is why they can get acne.
  • Hormonal changes are one of the main reasons and the most common ones found in humans. Teenagers have the highest percentage of acne and this is mainly because of their puberty stages and all the body hormones that are changing in them. Pregnant women also get acne due to this reason as well.
  • Genetics also play a role in acne. Of course, it isn’t written in stone that you’ll get acne just because your parents had it or your siblings have it. But the chances that you might get acne become pretty high.

Not To Be Afraid
Since you now know that acne is definitely not contagious and that you get it solely due to other reasons, do not be afraid while hanging around a person who has it. They already might be sensitive about their skin condition without you forcing yourself to avoid any contact just because you think you might get it. Because you certainly will not. And acne is common in a family due to genetic reasons, not because they are more in contact with each other!

A Word Of Advice
Change your bed sheets every week. Dirty bed sheets are also a reason where people develop spots and even freckles. It would be really good if you changed your sheets every now and then to avoid sleeping in an unhygienic area.

The simple conclusion to this tale is; Acne is not contagious. Do not worry about it and try to avoid doing things that can cause it. But remember, avoiding people who have acne is definitely not one of them. It won’t affect anything.


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