Introduction And Background

We all know how scared we are of acne. There is a general consensus against acne; it really is the most common terrible skin condition there is. Adults and teenagers alike fear it because of the spots they can get on the face and the scars that can see them through a lifetime! Well, this fear has brought on a lot of information against acne. We can prevent acne and we can treat acne and try to abstain from scarring ourselves. It really is not that difficult but you have to show a little patience.

The Goodness Of Lemons
Lemons are generally considered good for health but one thing is for certain; they make the skin glow. They can make anything glow in fact! Do you ever wonder why most dishwashers contain a lot of lemon in them? This is because lemon is a great cleanser. It gets rid of all the oil and the grease that has gotten on the dishes. In the same way, the lemon gets rid of the oil and the dirt that has clogged the pores of the skin and has caused inflammation to occur.

How To Use Lemons To Treat Acne And Minimize Scars
There are several ways in which lemons can be used to treat acne. We can all agree on the fact that they are excellent to treat acne. Anyway, most of the treatment processes are similar but we’ll discuss most of them to give you a range of choices.

  • A few people dip lemon juice into their drinking water to give enough citrus and vitamins to their body and skin so that it begins to heal from the inside rather than the outside.
  • Pour a little lemon juice on a cotton ball and gently apply it to the area which has acne. Make sure it is not a lot of lemon juice because you need to leave it overnight and ascertain that it will not irritate your skin. However, wash up as soon as you awaken in the morning.
  • Rose or honey water, mixed with a little lemon juice is also good for the skin and can heal up the acne. But only leave it on for about half an hour, not more than that. Wash your face soon after.
  • Using acne products which have lemon in them is really helpful too. It can alter your situation incredibly because it can heal the acne and definitely erase those scars for good.

How It Works?
The benefits of applying lemon juice to the skin are mostly because of the effectiveness of lemon against acne. It can reduce inflammation. It can clean up oil pores and clogged pores and provide a certain freshness to the skin. It kills most of the bacteria that has settled onto the skin or has embedded inside it even since it is liquid in nature and can reach areas which certain creams and lotions cannot. It can very well abolish acne.

Can It Really Work?
Yes it can! The whole world is trying it and it works for most! If you don’t believe me, try reading reviews from people who have had acne and have healed it all up by the use of lemons. I can really work. But one thing you need to keep in mind is to be patient. It does not work overnight. Acne treatment is a long process because the skin needs to recover properly. In fact, out of all the acne treatments there are, this is relatively the fastest! Consider that before you think that it can’t work properly!

Scarring In Acne
This is the biggest issue that most people have. They do not take care to prevent the acne in the first place and then are careless with it when it happens which can easily lead to acne scarring. Now acne scarring is tougher to get rid of than acne itself. But with the lemon juice and how you can use it, the scars can go away. All you have to do is take the time to apply it carefully and do it regularly so that your skin gets all the nourishment it needs to get better quickly.

We all know the troubles acne can cause, especially in teenagers. It can easily lead to low self-esteem, low self confidence and even depression. We need to ensure that this does not happen. We need to make sure that the person who has acne is on the road to recovery, not the road to wallowing  in depression. Thus, whether you have a daughter or a son who has acne, a sibling or even a friend, just inform them about lemons and tell them to use it as treatment. They won’t be disappointed.


  1. Lemon is a great antioxidant to hydrate the skin. I have used it with honey to heal the acne of my daughter. The Result is very effective on her acne. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have read that ((Lemon juice is on the other side of the pH scale—with a pH of 2, it’s highly, highly acidic. Just as sucking on a lemon can destroy the enamel on your teeth, applying pure lemon directly to your skin irritates and disrupts the acid mantle. The oils in citrus fruits are also phototoxic, which means that sun exposure can exacerbate the irritation to the point of chemical burns.))
    PLZ GUIDE ME , WHAT IS RIGHT…because i have been using lemon on my face for few days, now i have scared to read that..


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