Introduction And Background

For our skin, we can try almost anything. When the measures of desperation get high, I have even seen people apply spit to their faces to get rid of a pimples just because a friend said it worked! In other words, our skin is probably the most important element of our life which we want to keep safe and stable. However, it is also the element that gets affected the most. Almost every other person is having acne and it worries people a lot because of the appearance and the remarks they can get from the general public or the society. However, they shouldn’t worry. Acne can be healed.

Why Do People Get Acne?
We all know what acne is. It is when people have pimples and spots on their faces and they are devastated and terrified about the accumulation of so many of them at a single selective area. Acne can be seen clearly occurring on the forehead, the cheeks or even on the chin area sometimes. Acne on the shoulders can be hidden. Now, we get to the part of why people get acne. There are numerous reasons why people can get acne and some of them are outlined below:

  • Acne can come to be because of the hormonal changes in the body. It is especially common in teenagers, during the time they reach puberty because their body is undergoing hormonal changes and thus getting acne is an affect of all that.
  • Acne can also happen because of genetic reasons. If the grandparents and the parents had acne, then most likely the child will have it too.
  • If your diet is not good enough, you can develop pimples and spots on your skin very easily. This can lead to a case of acne as well if you don’t do anything about it.
  • Hygiene maintenance is one of the major reasons of why kids get acne. They do not wash their faces well enough or take care of their hygiene levels and it can easily lead to become a case of acne.

Can Acne Be Cured?
Yes, acne can be cured. All you have to do is start a treatment process and make sure the diet you are having is really good for the skin and you can heal the acne. It does take a long time and you have to be patient because healing the skin is not that simple but it is not impossible either as some people believe it to be.

How To Use Baking Soda To Treat Acne?
Baking Soda is actually a cooking ingredient which is often used in baking, as the name goes. It is not that expensive either and who knew that someday it can help treat acne. Here are a few steps on how to use baking soda to treat acne.

  • Make sure that before doing anything with your skin or applying anything on to it, you should have washed it properly and dried it as well.
  • Take A can or box of baking soda and take eight teaspoons out of it and pour them into an empty bowl or cup.
  • About half the area of the baking soda that has been occupied is the amount of water you should pour into it.
  • Be certain that the mixture does not become more liquidy. If this does not happen then you can add a few more teaspoons of baking soda to even it out.
  • Mix thoroughly and vigorously. After that, put the paste you have made onto the areas that have been affected by acne.
  • For about fifteen to twenty minutes or up until the paste has dried, leave the paste on the face.
  • After the allotted time, you need to wash off the paste. Be very gentle with your skin. The paste can be hard to remove but do not rub your skin harshly. Just remove it normally with soap.

Is Baking Soda Effective In Treating Acne?
Baking soda has been known to be effective in acne treatment but many have said that it is merely a temporary solution on making the skin look somewhat better. It does not completely get rid of the acne nor is it the permanent treatment process to treat acne.

The Herbal Treatment
This is one of the major treatment processes that are permanent in treating acne and work really well at that too. The herbal supplements have no side effects, are as cheap as baking sodas and also provide nutrition to the skin as they are made from herbs. They also prevent acne from occurring again because some supplements boost your immunity levels too against bacteria and certain fungi.

It is okay to treat a few pimples with baking soda but if you have a real acne problem, you know that the herbal treatment should be the number one thing to turn to!


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