Introduction And Background

When you have something as terrible as acne, you don’t really pay attention to anything else. Most of the people begin to focus entirely on their skin, finding ways to make it better to that their confidence level isn’t lowered in public because of the spots and pimples on their faces. Some research a lot on the topic while others just merely do what their friends tell them to do or they go to the market and buy the first acne dermal cream in sight. This article will explain to you another specific way in which acne can be treated. I guess you can already tell what I’m talking about by the heading.

We all have heard the word oatmeal in the dieting area because it is a good food which keeps you full and can help you lose weight in the long run. However, no one really knew that it can be as good for the skin if not more. There are so many products available in the markets which all have oatmeal in them and there are also certain powders and masks one can create themselves by using oatmeal as the main ingredient.

How To Use Oatmeal To Treat Acne?
There are numerous ways in which you can treat acne by making something out of oatmeal for your skin. And all of this, of course, is done at home. Instead of buying those expensive dermal creams, try out something natural like one of the things written below and see how it works out for you:

  • Make The Powder.
    In the first step, you have to grind the oatmeal by using some sort of crushing machine or you can even grind it in the coffee grinder if you have one. When it becomes colloidal, the oatmeal, you have to mix it with a little warm water so that a thick paste is formed. Without waiting or any further ado, apply the paste to the skin, especially in the areas where you have acne. Take good care to apply the paste very carefully and not rub it all over because that can irritate your skin. Just patting it simply would be good enough.
  • Cook the oatmeal.
    Without crushing it or anything, oatmeal oats can be cooked too. Do not do your own cooking, it is better to follow instructions written on the box. A thick paste is formed here as well and one can easily apply it on to the face. Do not be afraid if the oatmeal paste starts to thicken considerably on the skin or become crusty. It is supposed to do that. Just easily wash off the paste after you’re done and it will easily come off.
  • Make a facial scrub.
    This is a little different from the powder you made before. Here, uncooked oatmeal has to be mixed with such a little of lukewarm water. Make sure that it does not get soaked, only a little wet in some areas and you have your facial scrub which should be applied to the face really gently. Ensure that you are not harsh with your skin throughout these procedures because you can damage your skin if you are and aggravate the acne further by irritating your skin.

An Added Act
Keep reminding yourself that oatmeal is not the only solution to your problem. Those who have acne know very well that outside treatment is just as important as inside treatment. If you are not eating the right diet which consists of the right amount of fruits and vegetables or that you are not having enough water, there is really no way that acne can be treated quickly. Both these steps go hand in hand, side by side. Try using the oatmeal therapy to make sure that your acne gets better but also make sure that you are giving your body the proper nutrition for it as well. No use in protecting the skin when everything underneath it is not well.

Benefits Of Oatmeal
Oatmeal has a lot of benefits for the skin and some of them have been outlined below for you, to encourage you to try out this different way of treating acne:

  • Oatmeal powder decreases inflammation on the skin.
  • Sooths and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Ensures that immune system of getting rid of the proper bacteria is working fine.
  • Formation of a tumor necrosis is greatly reduced.

The anti-inflammatory effects of oatmeal is the main reason of using it to treat acne. It can help you in ways you can’t even imagine. It also helps get rid of the bacteria only, and not the healthy skin.

We are all, by human nature, always hesitant to try out something new. Well, other people have tried it out and have given positive reviews. It is time you give one too. 


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