Introduction and background

You cannot take care of something unless you know about it. Take a baby for instance. If you did not know it needed milk, you would be giving it juices and fizzy drinks for all anyone would care. Same is the case here. You should know about your skin type in order to take care of it. General cleanliness is important, but there are specifics that you should be aware of.

The different types of skin

All human beings have a different kind of skin. Outlines below are the common types:

• Oily Skin – This type of skin is prone to be glossier and gets oily really quickly.
• Dry Skin – The Skin is usually clenched and rough and develops wrinkles faster in life.
• Combination Skin – The most common of all skin types, this is the ‘lucky one’. Not too oily and not too dry, those with a combination skin have the healthiest of all.
• Sensitive Skin – This type should be taken care of the most. The name should say it all. It is thinner than all the others and has a higher chance of being affected.

How to determine what skin type you have?

This is not as hard as people think it is. Dry skin should be pretty obvious, because your skin will not be shiny and if you rub a fingertip on your face, it will not seem oily at all. Oily skin is, again, pretty obvious. After washing your face, wait for ten to fifteen minutes and then check your skin, it will have an oily touch. A combination skin is the hardest to figure because people confuse it to be on the oily side. The best way to figure out is the time period in which the skin becomes oily. If it takes long, then it is a combination skin. Those with sensitive skin will know it quite well. The lightest prick will make it red and it is easily irritated.

How to take care of the different types of skin?

Now that you’ve learned about all the different skin types, it is time to learn how to handle and take care of it so that you do not get any blackheads, pimples, cases of acne etc. Here is a little information and a few techniques.
Oily Skin

Having oily skin is not as drastic or troublesome as some people make it. If they only knew that those with oily skin are known to age more gracefully because it prevents wrinkles from arriving quickly. Oily skinned people should be very specific about the face wash they use. It should be for those with oily skin. Their moisturisers and lotions should also have little or no oil because they already have skin that produces more than enough. They should carry around oil free wet tissues to clean their face from time to time because pores are clogged swiftly with oily skin and bacteria settles easily too.
Dry Skin

The opposite of oily skin care is done here. For dry skin, you should make sure that your moisturisers and face washes should be of your skin type containing oil. It is necessary to moisturise dry skin often because otherwise wrinkles are quick to arise this way. Spraying water on it from time to time also helps.
Combination Skin

The lucky ones, as we established earlier, do not really need any specific care for their skin. They should just keep it clean and get a cleansing product that is for a combination skin so as to not upset the already perfect balance.
Sensitive Skin

Before, this kind of skin type wasn’t really given the attention it needed. But not products are available for sensitive skin types that help it to become less irritated by the slightest things and the red patches are formed less too.

Skin Conditions and Treatments

There are unfortunate times where no matter how much you can take care of your skin, you still get pimples or acne. Do not worry or blame yourself in this scenario. It is better to resolve to a treatment process as quickly as possible because the healing takes time, especially with acne. The herbal acne treatment is one of the best available because it is safe (with no side effects), affordable (much cheaper than the rest) and has the ability to handle any types of acne, whether it be mild or severe. It is a natural healing process since the herbal acne kit is made from natural ingredients. It nourishes your skin too. You don’t have to worry about any skin type while using it. Just use it against acne.


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