Introduction And Background

You might have noticed that there are some fortunate people in this world who never have any skin problems. You never see them complain of pimples or spots or any whiteheads or blackheads. You never see them talk of acne as a fearful subject. You never see them fret about their skin and beauty products that could help diminish whatever spots or scars they might have on their face. What is in these people that give them good skin? They might not have flawless skin but they certainly do not have a case of acne. Thus, how to spend a life without acne? Read on further to know exactly how they do it.

  1. Your Genes Do Play A Part
    Let’s get some facts out of the way before we get to the lifestyle. Sometimes you can do everything right and you still get acne. It can sometimes be because of the genes that you have. Acne can run in a family. If your parents and grandparents had it when they were young, chances are high that you will too. Nothing is certain of course and many a times it does not occur. Nonetheless, sometimes it does. In this case, do not blame yourself if you do get acne, even if you have done everything not to.
  2. Never Dehydrate Yourself
    Your skin badly needs water to remain fresh and aglow. It needs liquids to keep itself hydrated. Dehydrated skin always causes problems and sometimes it can aggravate a simple scratch to become a sort of bump which can lead to something more. If you want to spend a life without acne, make sure you are taking your worth of water, more than the required amount.
  3. Fruits And Vegetables Should Be More Compared To Proteins
    Do not mistake the sentence. No one is telling you not to have proteins. In fact, if you look at everything proteins are the most important nutrient present. Without it, your body can face a lot of severe malfunctions. However, take the daily protein requirement but also make sure that fruits and vegetables are a significant part of your life, more so than meat and poultry sort of products. They contain all the minerals and elements which can give you beautiful skin. All you need to do is open your mouth and munch!
  4.  Try To Sit, Stand And Sleep In A Clean Environment
    Specifically speaking, this should already be an important act in your life. Germs are everywhere. No one can avoid them but you can easily minimize their damage. For instance, try to avoid polluted and smoky areas as the dust and the smoke is really not good for the skin. The place you sleep is really important. A lot of men and women do not know the importance of clean sheets. They keep thinking that it is perfectly alright if they don’t change their sheets for two weeks or even a month. Wrong. They should at least change their sheets every week.
  5. If You Can Avoid Sunlight, Do So
    The sun is good for you. But even so, long term exposure is harmful for the skin. The sun gives you vitamin D but with so many supplements and it being fulfilled in the diet, you really don’t need to go out in the sun a lot, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you can avoid sunlight exposure, please do so for the sake of your skin. You won’t get tanned and the spots that do exist will not get permanent and will definitely not darken.
  6. Avoid Using A Lot Of Make-Up
    The women especially need to apply this rule. Don’t make things harder for yourself and your skin by using cosmetics even if you are going to the mall for some errands. Cosmetics are to be used only when going to fancy parties or some sort of formal gathering. If you begin to use a lot of make-up, it will only make things worse for you in the long run. It can easily clog your pores and we all know what clogged pores lead to. Other than that, using cosmetics roughens up the skin. Nobody likes rough skin now, do they?
  7. Do Not Touch Your Face Unnecessarily
    A lot of the times, we are used to touching the face at intervals. This is not really required, but is done out of habit. The most number of germs lay in our hands. We need to keep that away from the face so that the bacteria does not settle and clog the pores. Thus, try not to uselessly touch or scratch the face.

It is sometimes hard for people to understand why they got acne. Well, if you follow these steps and try to accommodate it into your lives, you will have gorgeous skin. No doubt about it. This is how to spend a life without acne.


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