Introduction and background
Acne is a common, in fact, predominant skin disorder that affects all nations, races and genders regardless of their ethnic backgrounds geographical location or environmental conditions. The resulting impact is even more troublesome. According to a recent survey done in US, about 25% of adults and 31% of teens surveyed said that acne sometimes keeps them from participating in social activities. Today, dermatologists have a consensus that only few people survive their teen years without suffering at least an occasional acne break-out. For many, acne continues into their adult years, causing embarrassment and prompting the sufferer to search the cosmetic counters for means to cover the spots and scars that would, otherwise, stay forever.

How and when are acne scars formed?
Acne scars are usually formed in the third or last stage or grade of acne, known as severe acne. Severe acne involves many lesions, multiple cysts, lots of redness and inflammation over most of the face. When severe, it often results in scarring. Squeezing or popping pimples forces the oil and bacteria into deeper layers of skin and can cause cystic acne and scarring.

Simple hints & tips to prevent & treat acne and acne scars

Take care: You can help prevent acne flare-ups and scars by taking good care of your skin. Acne prevention may be achieved by avoiding those aggravating factors which can block pores, especially some thick moisturizer creams, retained sweat or moisture under hats, pads, helmets and damp clothing.

Clean gently: Clean your skin gently with a mild soap or cleanser twice a day once in the morning and once at night. You should also gently clean the skin after heavy exercise.

Avoid friction: Avoid strong soaps and rough scrub pads

Wash thoroughly but not frequently: Wash your entire face from under the jaw to the hairline and rinse thoroughly.

Make up removal: Remove make-up gently with a mild soap and water

Use an effective anti-acne supplement: Use a complete anti-acne skin care system, such as mentioned in this expert review chart that consists of several components to address each of the acne-related issues separately and effectively. A quality anti-acne supplement forms a soothing barrier that locks in moisture within your skin. This invigorating anti-acne experience landscapes the plains and contours of your face with arctic freshness, leaving skin taut, glistening, and smooth as ice and without any traces of scars or pimples.

With a safe and effective anti-acne system, you can surely unleash a reservoir of youth, moisture, and timeless beauty with the bright, glowing pimple-free skin. It really should be more than just an anti-acne solution. It should be a proven and complete skincare and anti-aging system that makes it easier, simpler, safer and more effective to get rid of acne and to enjoy a smoother, healthier and lovelier complexion.


As more and more people are becoming aware of the side effects, risks and complications associated with medical drug therapy, they are frequently resorting to natural ways to get rid of acne faster than ever. Some of these natural acne treatment solutions include herbal supplements, Ayurvedic treatment, color therapy, hydrotherapy, and use of eastern / Greek medicine, homeopathy and practicing natural hints tips to prevent / reduce future acne outbreaks. However, because of the low-costs, high safety profile, easy application and availability, herbal therapy for acne is on the top of this list. All in all, for acne scar treatment, you should choose a complete and comprehensive skin care anti-acne system that plumps and smoothes the skin in acne, and, more importantly, reinforces the natural protection of your skin and, thus, allows the skin to concentrate on its functions rather than responding to pimples and papules reactions brought about by bacteria and inflammation in acne. With regular, consistent and continuous use of the recommended acne supplements, your skin becomes smoother, outbreaks lessen and it gains a calmer appearance without those notorious and ugly acne scars; all without the risk of invasive or harsh treatments!



  1. The tricky part about acne is that the polerbm can actually become worse if you overmedicate. That’s because acne medication can overdry the skin, causing a boost in your skin’s Sebum (oil) production. This results in you guessed it more acne.So what’s the long term solution? Find gentler solutions or even natural acne cures that won’t shock your body into more breakouts. Here’s what I recommend:- Use a glycerin based facewash. Glycerin is gentler and will balance the ph levels in your skin.- For body acne, try using an antibacterial soap to slowly dry out the skin. If your skin gets too dry, switch to a moisterizing soap like Dove to counterbalance the effect.- Wash your face only 2 times a day max and gently pat dry with a towel.- Use a gentle face moisterizer if the glycerin based face wash drys you out too much.- Eat almonds, fiber, drink lots of water and avoid excess sugar intake.- If acne medication isn’t working or causing new breakouts, try applying egg whites to the pimples at night before bed. This natural remedy works great.- One of my favorite natural skin conditioners is wearing an oatmeal mask . The oatmeal with smooth your skin while simultaneously absorb toxins and oils from your pores.- Lemon juice also dries up pimples and kills any bacteria in the infection.For more great remedies, check out the Source link Below.Best of Luck!


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