Introduction And Background

As children, basically we are taught when to wash our hands and face. We wash them when we wake up, before we’re about to have lunch and if we feel that either of them aren’t clean. Sometimes, we are taught how to wash them as well, the proper way and not just where to apply soap. But that happens very less. In this article, you’ll learn the basics that you skipped out on and you’ll get to know how much it really helps in getting the perfect skin.

The Proper Way Of Washing

You cannot just grab soap or a face wash and then splatter them on your face. The proper way to do is to follow these steps, in a row. This is how you clean up.
• Always rinse your face with water first. Do not immediately apply soap or face wash before doing this because it will not create the foam that your skin requires for the proper cleanup. It will also prove to be more sticky and irritable to your skin if you do not have water on your face before applying. Furthermore, the soap or face wash will be harder to take off if you have applied it to dry skin and it will take more energy and power and rubbing to take off the soap which has the potential to ruin or roughen your skin.
• Lather soap softly on to your skin and take your time. Usually, most people are in a hurry in the morning and in that hurry, they do not massage their skin but rather just roughen it up in a rush and then run. One should always be patient and gentle with skin and try to lather it softly, massaging it so as to increase the blood flow beneath the skin and to make sure that all the bacteria and dirt has come in contact with the cleanser.
• When throwing water on the face, also rub gently. This is an exercise to make sure that one cleans out the bacteria and dirt thoroughly. Not just that but also the soap. It is dangerous for either of these things to stay on the skin and making sure that they don’t by rubbing gently with water is the best way.
Do not skip out on any of these steps if you want to really have a clear and beautiful skin. Try it out, even for a week and you’ll see the difference yourself. Your skin will become clearer, cleaner and might even glow more due to the blood circulation enhanced by the gentle massaging while applying the soap or taking it off.


What Bacteria Can Do?

If you do not properly wash your hands and face, the bacteria that you’ll leave on the skin can cause many skin conditions. It can make you have pimples, spots, blackheads, whiteheads and the worst case of all; It can make you have acne. The bacteria that settles on skin and is not washed out will irritate the skin, clog pores, make more bacteria settle and it will eventually cause acne. Those acquainted well with skin conditions will know that acne is really a major disease for some. It is the worst skin condition because your skin becomes reddened with spots and pimples, all accumulated on a selected area and it ruins the beauty of your face. Most people who have acne also get depressed and find themselves having a lower self esteem than before because their confidence level has been shattered. This mostly happens to teenagers and young adults because they are the ones at a sensitive age and they care the most about their looks.


Can Acne Be Cured?

Acne is very much curable. It might take long and is a really slow process but those who think that once you get acne your skin will never be able to return to normal are quite wrong. Acne can be cured through various ways. It can be cured through eating the right diet, but that process is relatively long and takes a lot of patience, something which is not common in teenagers and young adults. But there are creams available that work fine. And there is also the herbal way of curing it through natural acne kits that are available.



Now you know the importance of washing your hands and face properly, it is best if you do it the proper way. It will ensure that your skin does not become riddled with any condition or disease and will look even fresher than before. Your skin is the most important part of your beauty, as some people would aptly put it. It is better to make sure that you’re taking care of it the right way.


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