Introduction And Background

About eighty percent of the people on the face of the earth are concerned with how they look. The other twenty percent are either too old to bother or too young to care. It then comes to light that the thing that most people are concerned about is their skin. The perfect skin is all that a woman really wants and nowadays even men yearn to have that strong and lean looking skin that does not have any wrinkles or any sort of acne. Well, sometimes they are lucky but sometimes they have to deal with their acne problems.

What Is Acne?
Everyone has noticed acne on the other person or on themselves. It is the most common skin condition that exists. Almost everyone goes through it sometime or the other. Only the lucky few are lucky enough to experience flawless skin throughout their lifetime. Acne is the accumulation of pimples or any other kind of spots such as nodules or pustules or even whiteheads and blackheads. If it is only one pimple or one whitehead, which is not considered as acne but when the thing spreads, that is acne. Acne is commonly seen on the face, mostly on the cheeks or the forehead. It is also seen on the back and even around the neck region.

What Is Back Acne?
Back acne is exactly what the name indicates. It is acne on the back. Acne on the face is much more common but acne on the back is not that rare in the first place. Most people have it and it can really shatter you socially. Some don’t even like to swim because their back acne will be visible in a swimsuit. Some detest it because it shows a little if they wear a dress that reveals their back. Basically, back acne can be as scarring as the acne on the face.

How Is Back Acne Caused?
To know how to prevent back acne, it is important to know what actually causes back acne. Back acne is not really similar to the face acne in the causative section. For instance, the main reason of why face acne is caused is because of oily secretions and clogged pores. The same is the case with back acne but it is not because of oily secretions. It is mostly because of exposure to sunlight and dirt accumulating.

How To Prevent Back Acne?
Back acne can be prevented easily but you have to be careful about it. Some of the things you have to take for preventive measures are just like the normal acne of any body part but some of the things you have to do specifically for the back. Here is a list of things:

  • Make sure that you do not give exposure of your back in the sunlight a lot. The back of the body remains mostly covered and can easily be irritated by sudden exposure to Ultraviolet rays for longer periods of time. This exposure can easily lead to the skin being irritated and aggravated and back acne might arise.
  • Make sure that you scrub the back while showering. Since the area is not exactly reachable, most people do not bother with cleaning their backs properly while showering. This can make the dirt on their backs accumulate which can lead to clogged skin pores which can easily lead to acne. You have to be careful about that. Buy a scrub or a bath handle that will help you to scrub the back so that it is devoid of any bacteria or germs.
  • Change the bed sheets regularly. This is the number one reason of why most people get back acne. The place where you sleep should be clean. Most people like to sleep with their shirts off and their body, especially their backs, comes into contact with those sheets for the entire night. Cleans sheets are a must on the check list for how to prevent back acne.
  • Change your undergarments regularly too. Do not wear the same one for more than a day. Men like to repeat the vests they wear which is very unhealthy and can easily cause back acne. Women tend to do that at a lesser percentage than men. However, both should be careful about this.

Back acne is not something to be ashamed of. At times those who have it think it is worse than having acne on their face because it looks more abnormal. They shouldn’t worry about that. What a person should do is figure out how to manage their health so that the acne disappears. And for those who don’t have it; they need to be careful about taking preventive measures against it so that they do not end up regretting.


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