Introduction and background

This is a world where outer beauty is as important as inner beauty if not more. The first thing a person is going to see when they look at you is your skin. The fresher and younger looking it is, the better of you’ll feel. Here are a few tips on what to do to retain the health of your skin and what not to do as well.

What simple things can you do to keep your skin fresh?

It isn’t as hard as you would think. The skin is gullible you could say, because it responds to what you give it accordingly. Some of the most important things to remember are written below. It would be nice if you could embed them in your daily routine. They don’t take much time and can be marvellous for your soft shell in the long run.
• When they say water is life, they are definitely NOT talking metaphorically. Water is extremely vital to good health and good skin. It makes the skin glow and give it a healthier look. It washes away all the toxicity in the body. A research shows that people who drink more water have an amazing skin.
• The vegetables that you run from as a child and as a teenager, maybe even as an adult, has the power to keep your skin fresh. It has all the perfect nutrients and all the vitamins that would help you avoid certain skin conditions.
• Milk has the ability to get rid of the dark circles around your eyes. Obviously, ample sleep also comes in the package of that.
• Even in diets, it is not good to completely rid yourself of fatty foods. No matter what the diet says, the fats provide a glow to your skin that is equal to the one with water. It makes you look more healthy and fresh.
• Do not let your skin get too dry otherwise, wrinkles will form. Especially in the winters when the skin is bound to get rough, apply a good lotion on it.
• Wash your face as soon as you wake up and before you sleep. It gets rid of the bacteria of the day and the night.
• Give your skin the gift of sunlight. A little sunlight everyday is the starting engine of good skin.
• If you buy make-up, buy nature friendly make up. They have those now.

What to stay away from to keep the skin healthy?

In this section, you will be enlightened on what to stay away from. Very general stuff but something you overlook in your daily routine.
• Try laying off the heavy make-up. It has the tendency to develop the worst kind of skin as you grow older and spots and pimples grow quickly on a make-up embedded skin.
• Do not sunbathe excessively. Even if the tan does look good, you are only burning your skin and making it wrinkled for the future.
• Oily skin is not too good and the long stretch of hours a person lets it be that way, the more quickly wrinkles will arrive.
• Do not eat hot off the oven foods. This does not mean to completely avoid them! It means, wait until your food cools down.

Research has shown negativity for skin in eating things that are really hot.

Skin Conditions and what to do about it

With certain people, it seems no matter what you do it still leads to certain skin conditions of which acne is the most prevalent. However, even with a nightmare such as acne, there is treatment. The herbal treatment of acne is one such that is pretty effective. Its multiple components are able to heal the skin at any stage of acne. What is more, it is a natural acne treatment method and does not even cost that much! For those who are desperate to find a cure to make their acne condition better and cannot afford all those high and mighty acne creams of different brands can resort to this. However, this does not mean they are second best. It only means you can easily get what you deserve at a price that does not empty your pockets.



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