Introduction And Background

The word acne sends shivers down the spines of most teenagers who do not have acne and is probably a stressful word for those who have acne. Why teens are mentioned here is because they are the age group who are most prone to getting acne and it is during the teenage years that one gets a breakout of acne and is feeling terrible about it. Young adults can also get acne but they know how to handle it and they take care of it before things get worse. Besides, it is not as common in them as it is in teenagers. In this article, you will learn about a type of acne called cystic acne and you will get to know about what to look for to get rid of this type of acne. Read further and enlighten yourself about what you should do AND what you should not do.

What Is Cystic Acne?

The basic question that must be entering everyone’s mind right now is about what cystic acne basically is. When the pores of your skin are blocked or are clogged by some sort of bacteria or even sebum really, a pimple forms. You can clearly see it because it is somewhat red and inflamed. When the infection that caused the pimple goes deeper in the skin and the area of that particular pimple is filled with pus, it is then referred to as cystic acne. It more tender and a major difference is that it hurts when you touch it. And the most troubling factor behind all of this is that you ought to know; if the pimple breaks and the pus spreads or even the bacteria spreads, it is likely that more pimples will arise. Cystic acne is the type of acne which is infectious and can spread. The normal acne is usually not and most people get confused by this factor. Acne cannot transfer from one person to another but the acne in one person can get worse because of the pimples that are already present. Make this thing clear in your head!

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Do Only Teenagers Get This Type Of Acne?

Teenagers are the age group who are most prone to getting this type of acne. But young adults can get it too; they are not out of the group. Aged people rarely get cystic acne and it is very uncommonly seen. Only teenagers and young adults need to be wary because even adults do not get it that often. It usually strikes on the usual parts of the body which means the face, the shoulder area, the chest and even sometimes on the legs.

A Fun Fact (Not So Much Fun)

Women have this type of acne more than men and if your parents have had cystic acne, it is highly likely that you will too because hormones play a major part in all of this and that is where the genes come in. It is a fact but as said above, it probably won’t seem so much fun!

Get Rid Of Cystic Acne Naturally

Getting rid of cystic acne naturally will take its time because it is the type of acne that is deeply engrained in your skin. It is not a small and smooth pimple that can be gotten rid of overnight and since it is acne, that means there are a number of pimples you have to deal with. But do not worry, it isn’t that bad. Here are a few key natural items that you need in your life to get rid of cystic acne. These items can be found on their own as well and sometimes as part of a product too. Check out the list below:

  • Aloe Vera comes at the top of the list because it has healing powers. It soothes the skin and provides the cooling and calm comfort that your skin requires in order to battle cystic acne. Aloe Vera comes in bottles by itself as well and people apply it directly or you can search for it as they key ingredient in acne battling creams.
  • Passion Flower reduces inflammation; that is what you need to know about it. Passion flower is also used in many products.
  • Drink a lot of green tea too if you want to get rid of your cystic acne. It kills the bacteria and detoxifies the body which is really what you need because this type of acne goes deep and you need something that fights deeply for that. Green tea will do it! It is also good for digestion, if that will help you to drink it even more.
  • Sage extracts fights free radicals – the only thing you should be aware of about it. Free radicals in the body often make things worse, for the acne and the bacteria and fighting them off will stop a lot of unwanted chemical reactions occurring in the body.

What About The Synthetic Way Of Fighting?

Using synthetic chemicals and ingredients to fight cystic acne works too, don’t think it does not. Benzoyl Peroxide kills the acne bacteria which is again, as mentioned for the tenth time in this article, is what you need to battle in cystic acne. Glycolic acid is what renews the skin, you can search the name on bottles or tubes as well in products that you buy. The synthetic way of fighting helps too you know!

And Both Together…?

Having them both together probably makes the best of combinations and there are various companies who have figured that out. There is Skin Actives Scientific who is terrific in making products that contain both synthetic as well as natural ingredients. It actually helps, mixing nature with science!

Acne Cystic and Steroid Injection


There is a reason why these products are advocated. While it may seem amazing to fix things naturally, just going naturally takes a lot of time and probably won’t have enough powers to fix everything. This is where synthetic takes over and there is nothing wrong in adding the two together. In fact, it is a shame it took this long for it to happen.

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